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Is a mind day it feels like monday has really does allison new business accelerator is opening up in peachtree corners they are everywhere now the accelerators in incubators and they all sort of have antiworking spaces there's tons of different options well brand new one this'll be three now so the the third w impeach free corners add this one coming i think sometime in the next couple of days early october i think is the date on that and one of the things that i was interesting about this is just the choice of name and i'll i'll tell you why it's the first of all there is one that sort of the city of peachtree corners i believe is is is supporting and it's called prototype prime which sounds like a robot from the transformers it does a little bit maximus prime isn't that what that his name of techniques that his name optimist obstinacy jackson us close enough it had a mess and a prime yes so anyway prototype prime is the first one and then again that one city support ed but then there's also one called 22 tech park in fact we've had mark mats who owns that on the show but then now this one's going to be called atlanta tech park so there's already 22 tech park and now there's going to be atlantic park that feels like a little oh not your that's to close us also really close to lic olympic village yes france yes it is news one were different from both of us um so i don't know how i feel about that name but in any case it is opening and it's really just blocks away from the other too well so i guess the good news there is that the more of that that's their the more you know businesses may kind of congregate in that area right so that's not a bad thing for the community on the uh but it certainly sets up the competition amongst the three of them so in any case that is happening in the next little while and it's yet another one sort of focused i think on i obviously on technology and sort of on that excel reiter phase of the business tech park it's been awhile since i've spoken to them that they may be a little bit more early stage but i can't swear.

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