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Wellness. The topic of our show. Today is all about natural ways to get rid of menopause symptoms. Does anybody out. There need some relief. Well you might be familiar with some of those symptoms particularly hot flashes. I hear a lot of hot flashing complaints in my clients. Oh so do i fell. Yeah lots well. I can remember. I had twenty hot flashes a day for about ten years after i had a total hysterectomy in breast cancer. I was so surprised to hear that. Twenty i lived in tank tops. I i did. But i did you know. I wish i would've known what i know now and i'll bet if any of you out there are struggling with hot flashes you can relate like i did want to learn how to get some relief. Well it was not a magic pill. It was simply my food choices. And we're going to dig deeper today into those food choices. Have this morning so grab a pen. You might want to write some down. I just recently learned that there are over six thousand women in the us who go into menopause each and every day which means about twenty seven million women are menopausal. That's a lot of us. And i don't know about you back. I remember the men in my life achey during that time. They're like what is going on with you. I remember being in a small group. Couples group in three of us had hair binders on our risks. That all time and so you would just see someone would grab their hair. Throw it up in a ponytail And you just and we all knew the three of us knew we were looking at each other and you you know everything had to be in layer so that you could peel them off at any yes exactly sadly i might add that the majority of women who really they know so little about the whole process of menopause especially how food and nutrition can help relieve or hopefully even eliminate those items but at nutritional weight and wellness We are on a mission to educate you women out there starting today so good morning everyone. I'm caroline hudson and i'm a registered and licensed dietitian and i've been that for well over thirty years so i see a lot of women who are going through manic pause because they not only Trust my expertise but they also know at my age. I totally get it. Yeah i i totally get it. It's good to have a practitioner that you work with. Who understands. Uh-huh i think so and melanie beasley. I'm also registered and licensed i- titian with about thirty years of experience working.

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