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Iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts. And we're back in before we move on to current Harley. I just wanted to touch on for those of you that kind of thinking of where to start with her obviously the animated series, which was saying still holds up so beautifully. I feel like you could honestly freeze frame any part of that show and like make it a poster it's so pretty but another thing is her. She also appears Harley appears in the nineteen Ninety-four graphic novel. The Batman adventures mad love in that recounts, a lot of her origin story and also her, you know, her love with joker that relationship. You can see all of that in mad love. I actually just bought it. I'm really excited to podcasts of people talking about it. And it sounds amazing. So pick that up and yes, so now we have a heartily in suicide squad. She also is going to be in birds of prey my fans went ape when they found out. I wasn't playing her on camera. And I'm like, dude, I go on Twitter. I'm like. Margot Robbie is the hottest chick. And and she's a stunningly amazing actress, she's also a lot younger than mean, not valid vigor, but like like, let her shine. And she she's a star. Like, I if I pick her to play Harley like great, I understand that. But I would like Tara Harley Quinn. I I've said a million times, which I think would be really fun. I think they should put me Hemel in Conroy like in a booth at a diner like how you know Stanley doesn't. I think we need a little cameo. I mean, I think so. Oh, that'd be so fans. Go nuts. Yeah. Hopefully, totally I was reading I thought I read somewhere that you vote. You did like a little thing of Harley for aero. Yeah. Okay. So that was like hurt because people didn't really get to see her, right? He's all went nuts because they knew right away with my voice. And I was like you should put me on the show the fans would really like that. But anyway, it was just that one little went off without fun. Everybody, right. Make this happen. Four aero hashtag to the number for like, you know, Harleys a mom, and she has teenage boys or something like mom Harley. Clinger's what does Harley as a mom do like, she's still like likes to dress up and look hot? But then in the morning, she makes oatmeal like pain. Maybe she kicks ass at night. But during the day, she goes to PTA. Gosh, that would make a lot of sense. That would be such a clear run highly, you know, at home. She's like everyone have the breakfast, then she's like. Kick. Some maybe you know, there's too. I don't know you guys can totally pitch that stealing. Find me in an episode. Let's get cracking. I did want to say into sides. What did did like the fact that Harley was, you know, she still had her hopes and dreams when she was in love with joker. They had that law land sequence of her like with a baby. And I love that fact that like what Tara was saying that she's fully fleshed out. You know, she's not a one dimensional villain. She's a woman that had dreams of her own. She someone that has this love interest. She then like we said moves from a follower to a leader. She is she's a one woman show. Yeah. If he is this where you wanted to do your gush session before you let taraoke. I wanna individually just go down. I'm Debbie and thank you for each individually. Like, you know, been tin already. Yeah. Inspector. What were well? We have two more hours, right? I wanna tell tarot. So we had a Reese Wasser who's a transgender actress in supermodel come on. And she did are my little pony episode. And she was talking about how much your show the new animated show has affected her life. I hear that..

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