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Are you a Native American healthcare provider, recovery counselor, social worker, domestic and sexual abuse advocate or traditional healer working in Native American communities, doctor ruby Gibson, will begin a 7 month advanced immersion in healing historical trauma. This online masterclass looks through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach to provide powerful proven modalities and is offered tuition free to tribal members. Registration deadline is February 21st info at freedom lodge dot org, who support this show. Thank you for tuning in to native America calling. I'm Sean spruce. We're talking about dating etiquette by commiserating about worst dates. What lessons did you learn by going on a horribly bad date? Or were you the one that made the data bad experience? Don't be shy. There's still time to join the conversation. One 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. That's also one 809 9 native. Stacy earlier, you told us this story about, let's call him bodily function guy for lack of a better term, but do you have any other stories of bad dates? Not so much bad dates. I guess just odd odd behaviors, I guess? Or kick? Well, tell us about tell us about one of those odd behavior dates. Well, I mean, I guess we could call this guy meat cutting guy. Yeah. Okay. Guy and you seem, you know, normal. And we were out for a stay, going to a steakhouse and he I was, you know, we're just discussing, and he played came out and everything and he started cutting up his steak or whatever. He grabbed my plate, switched it out. And I'm like, what are you doing? And he started cutting my steak and I can cut it myself, thanks. I thought that was, I don't know, that was different. And I mean, I kind of laugh about it now and I mean is it possible that he was just trying to be courteous? Maybe? I mean, I just kind of took it with grain of salt, I guess. And I was like, thanks. You know? I don't think I've had somebody cut a steak for me since I was like maybe 6 years old when I go out to with my parents. Yeah, I know. I would be a little awkward. Did you reach across the table? Yeah, he did. It was like plates in front of us. And, you know, I am a native mama and I like my food. So anyone who puts their hand in front of my mouth when I'm trying to eat, it's like, no. So yeah, he just switched the plates out. And start cutting. I mean, there's no warning. So maybe if there was a warning, I would have been more like, sure. I guess. But or no. I don't know. Tough one. Tough one to call, yeah, and I can just seems weird, yeah, definitely kind of odd. And especially like if you didn't say anything, just reaches across the table. Okay. In the conversation was great. So. Well, that's good. That's a plus. Okay, so we've got meat cutter guy and we have bodily function guy. All right. Folks, we have a caller on the line annalise. She's calling in from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she's listening online and at least you're on the air. Hi, yeah, I'd like to comment on something that Rogers said earlier on this call. That is given us from somebody on a dating app that like say and thank you, but best of luck. If you're not interested, I really think this statement actually is rather ignorant of the experience of women on dating app no sense to roger, but you know many times when they get bombarded with messages on dating apps and then. And responding to all of them is, first of all, just not practical. The furthermore a lot of men on dating apps just don't take time we do know. And they may respond callously, lash out with burglar abuse and, you know, frankly, a lot of women that I know don't want to bother dealing with that. So and the other thing is I personally think if the guy thinks he's entitled to the response from each and every woman that he messages, but it's red flag and data. So that's my opinion. Finally, thanks for calling in and that's really interesting. And I can see that. I mean, definitely some women really do get bombarded with IMs and different posts and things like that. So anneliese, are you still on the line? Yes. I'm curious, what do you think is the best way to end a bad date? We've been talking about that today. The best way to end a bad date is leave. If you don't want to be there, go. Just walk out, no explanation, just hit the door. Sure. Yeah. Move on. I hear you. I hear you. And Elise, thanks for calling today. Roger, I've got a question. Where can people get better informed about dating? In the 21st century and all these different aspects that folks are dealing with now, social media, online dating apps, things like that. Sure. Well, first, I also want to comment just to thank Anna lease for actually that perspective, which I think is incredibly incredibly important as well. Is that there are certain classes of people who get who get this end of these DMs and some messages much more worse than others. So I actually agree with that that is not necessarily for everyone. That perspective, in particular, if you are somebody that is constantly being bombarded by these things, you have to have your boundary up that way as well. So a really appreciated that comment. And you know, to answer your question, it's like, what kind of information are you looking for? Are we talking about like dating advice? Are we talking about sex advice? Are we talking about dating and sex advice? That there is so much information out there. One of the ways that I think are really great is not necessarily learning from professionals or experts like myself because even though we may have a lot of training in school and stuff like that, you know, sometimes it's like best to hear it from people like your callers today. And I think a great source for that can be TikTok, Instagram, learning from a folks who are just like you who have had these experiences who are sharing their stories. Because otherwise, you know, you're going to be in bombarded if you go to the relationship section of a physical bookstore or an online bookstore because there are literally hundreds.

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