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Took items in the early morning hours, restaurants are encouraged to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. 9 28. Traffic and weather together on the 8th, here's Brian pick. And on the edens we're looking at 15 minutes from Lake Cooke to the Kennedy junction outbound, you're a 15 minute drive montrose south to Lake cook, the Kennedy 15 minutes O'Hare ended downtown 9 minutes from the Eden's junction in and on the outbound outside your 15 minutes from the chain burn interchange out to O'Hare. The express lanes are closed, they will remain closed until tomorrow morning at 5 a.m., could get a little busy, especially inbound later on in the day. O'Hare one 90 extension you're good eastbound and westbound on the Eisenhower 31 minutes from the Jane Adams to the Jane burn 13 man high men, 13 out to mannheim, 31 out to I 90 on the Stevenson, your 25 minutes I three 55 to stop a lakeshore drive 17 minutes into in from the tri state outbound your 8 minutes out to Cicero, another 6 minutes from there if you have any midway flight plans, no problem getting out there. 17 minutes out to the tri state, you're 25 minutes out to I three 55. On I 55 will county northbound. The lane shift over route 53 little slow there, otherwise looking good northbound and southbound, Dan Ryan's moving in both directions, 12 minutes from the merge into downtown 12 minutes back out to the split. I 57, 15 minutes, I 80 to the Dan Ryan, 15 back out. Bishop Ford looks great to stop a lakeshore drives move in fine. Tri state tollway, all the tollways are looking pretty good right now. Northwest Indiana are in great shape at the moment. Next traffic

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