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There is a new and seems to be recordbreaking hurricane heading toward florida in puerto rico and other places we'll see what happens we'll know in a very short period of time but it looks like it could be something that will be not good believe me not good hi good morning it is thursday september seventh welcomed the morning gel with us way a veteran columnist an msnbc contributor might barnacle senior political analyst friend bc news an msnbc mark helprin cofounder and ceo of access jim too high end in washington senior politics reporter at usa today heidi praise bella and joe we're going to got to call my daughter of we're going to get to the major hurricane that side headed toward florida in just a moment but first what what happened yesterday politically give us a quick read all trump did yesterday what we've been saying for two years should be most natural doing that is he's been dealing he dealt with nancy pelosi in chuck schumer to people that he is more comfortable with and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell socially we said that before he stepped into the white house because it's true though he contributed to chuck schumer he knew nancy pelosi he understands them culturally in a way that he doesn't understand paul ryan and mitch mcconnell so we saw him strike a deal that is very bad for conservatives it's very bad for republicans bike it's very good for donald trump is very good for the democrats and i guarantee you that if you polled americans most americans would be glad that they put off a debt ceiling crisis for three months and he funded hurricane harvey so it's going to be a popular measure republicans are going to have to figure out how to get the votes are understand what we said yesterday on this show.

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