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Reclaiming six to seven. Pm as the happiest hour so you can do whatever it is that makes you happy and if that involves a glass of bourbon. Remember maker's mark crafts bourbon carefully. And they asked that you enjoy it that way maker's mark kentucky straight bourbon whiskey forty five percent alcohol by volume copyright twenty twenty one maker smart distillery inc loretto kentucky. Hey everyone april buyer is back now. Officially as my much-needed co host as you know from previous episodes april brings great advice insight and years experience. I am so thrilled to have her well. Megan let's divan. Will you tell april. And what's going on. Yeah so. I'm twenty seven. I lived in chicago. And i work as a shafts and when i was nineteen i was diagnosed with engine out service which you super common but i know a lot of women. Don't only talk about it. But by the time. I was twenty four i had already had five surgeries in. I actually had full hysterectomy as the last surgery. I had my uterus taken out I just left with my left. Ovary like no flow into no service like everything is got. And then i have really bad damage They think they might have even found some in my retinas. The other day like really wide spread endo everywhere. So it's definitely a chronic illness. It causes severe chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia because of that. So definitely not a fun disease to live with. Oh i am so sorry. Megan yeah you know what. It's kind of those things where i could be like super pissed at every single day and i do on sundays but most dangerous just like it is what it is and one in ten women avid. So it's like incredibly comet so and that's the big thing like no one talks about it at this point i'm healthy. I'm happy like green department. Great job loved my life. But whenever i go to try to date a guy i'm right. When do i bring that up lender. I bring up that i'm can't have children and i might adopt one day on like faster one day like i'm under no biological time clock like have children right away so it's kind of an interesting thing if i'm dating a guy my age third usually trying to decide like what netflix. They're going to watch that night. They're not running their own business..

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