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Forty. More stimulating talk. And welcome back to coast to coast Louise hawk with us. Louise, do you specialize primarily in dealing with people who have lost their ability to communicate verbally that's a current emphasis. But I I also really like going to be on time many clients don't know that they are up for a happier future. And so I can merge with their time consciousness and drop down in a potential positive future moment, I can chat with their higher selves existing in that future moment, I can chat with your partners. And this brings me to a really fun observation that I make when the ego self hates the unexpected at wants control, the one I mentioned future moments positive possible positive future moments. The client will usually say stomach, and then they'll hear me say don't even try to pin it down the universe is far more creative than your imagination can. Stretch. And so that's when I bring in what I call the plan boxer shorts. Principal and that's that came from a client. Who was she lost her lover was convinced. They're never be another. And I'm chatting with the higher self of a potential future partner who wears dockers khakis and they're walking along a road looking where they might build a cabinet. This is a potential future moment, the higher self of that potential future partner turns to me and says, I know she wants to be there right now. But we've done it that way before in another time. And our Pazar configured this time around so that she'll figure out what what can make her happy. She never knew what made her so unhappy, I would figure out a few things, and we can meet again and move on to new adventures. And then there was something about pled boxer shorts. Well, for the first time, here's a silence because she can't say Obama, see. That's what. So seven years into their now twenty year relationship partner comes down the stairs from the guest room in their mountain cabin is with a pair of boxer shorts. Where did these come from? And she just about faded. So so it it's really instructive to see what the left brain analytical mind and ego self we'll try to pin down because it doesn't like the unexpected. And thanks evolve. In always in very different ways, much more creative than we can imagine. Now, the people that you deal with do they look at you, even though they may have dementia. They may be in a coma. Those people obviously can't get you know, it's actually more effective remotely. I did meet Denise person when I went to the west of the east coast and was visiting Dan and met Sinise. And it was very distracting sitting with her physical self and before I went on my speaking tour before I got there, we had a session, and I asked the needs to give me a sneak preview of a cosmic wing. She would give me once I met her in person. So under visiting and it's time for lunch be, Dan. And I go with her to the dining hall and the sneak preview had something to do with. It was something falling off a shelf or off of a counter so our eating they've got fresh cookies on a ledge behind me and one of them falls off onto the floor. And she looks right at me. So that was tickled up higher consciousness that was her signaling. There's your cosmic, wink. So she had told me that beyond time in a few in in the past. It was now the president now when when you communicate with them primarily what did what did they want? I mean is it just the day to day things or it's just open often the caregiver wants to know what what what will make them feel better is or more. I can do the they like the the one they like to thank them for certain things. Thank you for bringing this for me. How did you know? They'll show me the the the the slash of orange and they'll say, oh, I just brought her favorite sweater. I if she if that would make her happy if that would make her feel good do they ever say, leave me alone. I just wanna die or anything like that. The closest one was the one I mentioned the one who kinda slammed the door when I right when I piggybacked when I merged with her consciousness, but usually usually it's it's that same state. It's very similar to win. They've dropped the body in there in the non-physical on a more permanent basis. It's fun to see also how this works with pets when I merge. Well, they often just jump in to the phone conversations and more than one cat has jumped in to say to me, would you please tell her to stop rattling the plastic bags every time. She opens a pantry. It drives me crazy. And they one one of them. I my client had three rescue dogs and one of them popped in and transmitted. This is why left telepathy, it's like twelve paragraphs in dot. And then I have to figure out how to make it linear. How to you know, pull it down and put it into words, and so in human language, that's that's the best. I can do interpreting dogs spots. But the dog popped into show me that he had known that. She was going to come pick him at the rescue center when someone came ahead of her. He went to the back of the cage because he knew she was coming in with choose him. And this goes along with one of my heroes, Dr Rupert Sheldrick, he's good, man. He's great and his work with almost lost Lewis when he got stabbed. I know gosh, how bizarre was that? His fate. My favorite study of his. And of course, he wrote the book pets, you know, when their owners are coming home. And so look, of course, in streaming consciousness is higher level of consciousness it goes beyond time. And anyway, that's a a wonderful study. He did. But the one I really love this with the African grey parrot, the kissy who would wake his owner in the morning and tell her what she's been dreaming and tell her what she's dreaming. She was spot on to the parent would be watching her dreams. So I tell people to telepath ice with your pets when they're looking above your head. Besides seeing friends who've who've gone to the non-physical, they're often singer losses pictures, how the parrot who ordered things through Alexa. Whatever she wanted. Got some calls coming in for you. So let's get a few Dan in Virginia's up with us. Hey, Daniel, go ahead. Hey, well, first of all, you know, who this is. This is Dan the blind man of the angels. Yes. It is. All right now, I want you to know that an angel woke me up to here is your name. Louise, Louise, that's okay. I didn't know you were going to be on tonight. And an angel woke me up and George wants you there, and you and I almost did not call. But the angel said I must try to call. Oh, that's so great. The reason why I know that you're techniques work, and I don't I never told you this, George you. Remember that almost eighteen months period where you didn't hear from me. Yes. I've thought something happened to you do you know what what happened to me? No. I don't corrupt people couldn't handle it. And I don't I don't mind cause you know, that I'm a sinner state an path the polymath, right? And you know, my skills. Well, these people decided that I was demanded and I was locked away. Oh, you're kidding me. No. I that's reason. Why couldn't tell you? I wasn't even allowed for eight months to go outside. How did they how did they get you because I helped people after the Joplin tornado? And I told the theme of people that if you if you don't get me outta here. I'm going to try to be a miracle worker and everything fell apart for me because I tried to keep people off drugs. And so the deal is is that I use very similar skills. Louise when I walk the halls. I was in two different places the rounded by dementia people and others that were a pre dementia. And I was around people that had trouble walking and all sorts of disabilities. So I use the skills that you do wonderful to be in touch with their higher consciousness. And then I I wrote reports on all of the departments, you can verify all of this through my super south. I wrote a single page reports on the status of every department. I wrote social surveys I taught him how to use speed back. Loops I was a creative problem solver. I did educational sculptors that I have with me here. And I kept my skills sharp. And of course, George, you know, about the all the work that I do don't ask. And you know, what I like hearing is that that the angel alerted you when when when they pop into consultations I see a flash, and that's announcing a messenger from the end Djelic realm, and they they used to simply come in to confirm that they knew the client had a figuring of an angel on their shelf, whatever. But in recent years, they show me moments of intervention. And so a few weeks ago, I called out in the morning, I wake up, and I say thanks for another day on planet or the opportunity to to love and forgive and learning observe in turn insights into wisdom, and so on and then I said, okay, and Djelic realm. I really a lotta messages for you by the end of the day. I wanna a demonstration that you've got my back as well. So when you put out your intention like that you have to then diverse your attention. You have to take your tension karma. No, no. It's it's it's your focus your you're shifting. You're getting back into flow back in the in the zone back in alignment, and that's where you get the phone call the parking place, but it'd be better bang. That's how that works and you get back in to the flow by opening your heart and going to the feeling of gratitude appreciation, and that's what pulls you out of the corner when you're in a dark corner when you're trying to control things or you're in fear it contract you and then the universe. Can't find you to deliver the goods. So I called out. I said, okay. By the end of the day. I was like a demonstration. You're there for me. So then I let go of it. So I was getting on the road. So that's when I go have a manicure and Mandy petty, and I'm sitting in the spots here and the the the owner from Thailand he walked by. And he says, oh, hi, Louise. Hey, you should be one of those angel ladies at Disneyland. We both look at each other like what? Gilady? And then he walks up scratching his head. Like, why did I say where did that come from the realm? Hey, thanks. I got it. Thanks. That was like, what do you think of the Anjelica Rome? Anyway, what do you think that is? Oh, gosh. It's it's definitely higher energy. So accessible, you know, even I some some religious clients speak. I'm being irreverend or dismissive when I refer to the beginning and the big day when Yeshua or mother, Mary Poppins, it's usually, you know, those of certain clients who often or Catholic or were raised Catholic mother Mary Poppins says, hey, I heard your prayer and with the big j to show specific moments when a client dial them in and for example, and it's all to show how acceptable there. That's why I refer to them that way. Not to be a Reverend. So a couple of holidays ago, he pops in and it's a woman who can't sleep because their son is flunking out of college. And so I couldn't even I said that all the music notes around. She said, oh, yes, he's a chiller. That's his love. And I said, well, that's where it's hard is. I think you need to support that he might circle back around school. But then and then the big j pops in and whenever he shows me stained glass, that means church, even though I my personal understanding he was a bit anti religion. But so spiritual. Exactly. Oh, of course, it's it's a love frequency. So I said did you were you insurance recently? She said, yes. My son was was playing at the Christmas Eve service. I said did you feel the presence of Jesus she said, well, yes, I did. It was the moment. My son started to play his solo from the heart, and it opened my heart. I said that's the connect. That's the kind do it. And and I like his Hebrew name yesterday. We just popped in to confirm. He was there. You dialed 'em in when you open your heart. So I was walking up the hill where I take my walks, and I'm telepath icing to them. And I'm saying why don't people celebrate your light-heartedness. You're the love the the joyfulness. And he and he says to me, I don't think I could make it up this hill and my Jesus sandals. And since that time he'll pop in when an endpoint to a client choose this is all remotely he'll show me that they've got sandals. And I'll say to the client. Do you have sandals? She says. Yes, I call them my my Jesus sandals..

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