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We have a car fire, blocking the left lane on the inbound side of the Stevenson at Harlem. We have another crash that's blocking the left lane there as well. I'm Vicky Cocu's Ian W. GM traffic Central. There's a ceasefire in effect in Gaza this morning, Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate. The cease fire comes after 11 days of deadly Israeli airstrikes in Palestinian rocket attacks. Findings left more than 200. People in Gaza dead and at least 13. Israelis dead. Thousands of Palestinians are displaced in parts of Gaza have been flattened without water or electricity. International pressure for a cease fire had been growing as the violence continued to escalate. Bill Combating hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is now law are simple core values and beliefs. It should bring us together America as Americans. One of them is standing together against hate. Against racism. President Biden signed the bipartisan measure during an event at the White House yesterday. Crimes against those in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have increased dramatically since the coronavirus emerged from China. Biden says the hate hides in plain sight, Ng called racism and hate and ugly poison that has played the US for too long. If the U. S meets President Biden's goal of getting at least one dose of vaccine and just 70% of adults by the Fourth of July, surges of covert could be avoided later in the year. That's the opinion of Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert. After you told The Washington Post yesterday he expects the country to attain Biden's goal. Previous searches came before vaccines were available or widely dispensed. 64% of Illinois adults have received at least one covert vaccine dose and 47%.

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