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'cause you know more laid back so but now you know over the years i just kinda got used to i hate that 'cause i had a little bit of fame in college but that's like kind of local i didn't pay no attention to it but when i got here started bawling i hated the attention even i might have seemed like i just hated being recognised just didn't think because it's like he i don't think i'm any different than anybody else or whatever but that was one thing i always looked up to you because you you were like the superstar you like every man superstar so like you didn't act like a superstar receivers are divas bird divas was bro like you never you never acted like that i think you know that's that just wasn't me you know i didn't i always wanted to play like i didn't care about you know talking you know like i'm not gonna sit down argue with you i'm not deaf when it comes to the game this bush it wasn't i mean i remember when i was playing atlanta i say to you like you must be mike up like nah but it was but it was just like atmosphere that game like it was so height you know and it i was just like man like 'cause you know at the time we never had been to the playoffs and they had that kind of atmosphere atmosphere to it and i was just like man this is big.

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