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The week and actually i think i saw some caddies wearing shorts yeah now it's uh it shorts weather and and it it yet any aches and pains or or illness welcome back by the way mitch is where you you you com i guess uh just feel better about your self because it not only warm but there's even that that touches humidity already in the air so it's yeah great is the west coast swing has been this year uh and it was phenomenal with with the weather of course you wanna see some rain sprinkled in but that wasn't the case for the four events that we did uh there's just a different feeling when you come to florida and it kind of uh i just feel like the ball going farther and then it like i said there's more humidity and and uh you feel like you can just kind of go after the ball i'm just speaking from a you know a a professionals viewpoint uh it it just feel like yeah this is where you want to play golf this time of the year and uh we're seeing in pretty good feel here this week and a how of exciting story lines for the final round the honda com i'm going to look at this a little bit different we just word there was a lot of talk about how high the scores were were sevenunderpar leading i'm good look at the chris kirk weather bureau who was fourunder through six today and he's probably thinking you know this is uh this is very playable weather and this i looked down the scoreboard uh most everybody on the golf course early is under party dais i suspect the wind is not blowing as it has the last couple of days near you actually write the course would airplane pga national in in below his golfing through yes you wanna go back in the time machine it had a ryder cup here that's the famous uh event were lanny watkins hit a wedge stoned edita at the eighteen pulled it to clinch the cup in the early eighties and then there were the pga year believe it or not in 1987 in the.

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