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Be in an existing parking lane and they'll be reviewed case by case in suitors case he wants to use this. Allie. So can we shut down the alley and used that for for on street dining. It makes sense to us. We were down here every single day and downtown is a ghost town right now, so the vehicle traffic is very little. The proposal would also allow bar and restaurant owners to extend outdoor dining areas to sidewalks. Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder showed up for work on the first day of the new session at the Ohio State House. Householder was removed from his leadership position after he was arrested earlier this year on federal racketeering charges. He and four other men are accused of taking $60 million of bribes to help get Ohio's nuclear bailout bill passed last year despite householder being removed as speaker. He still holds a seat in the house, he told ABC six today. That he is innocent. A suspect shot in the shoulder after a pursuit before dawn, Ohio State troopers shot a Columbus man after they say he led them on a chase in eastern Ohio. Early this morning, 49 year old William teacher allegedly refused to pull over on I 77 in Guernsey County after an alleged lane violation. Troopers say he was armed and threatened suicide even as stop sticks were deployed, and he was driving on flat tires. His car was eventually forced into the median when he allegedly got out of the vehicle with a gun. That's when he was shot. He was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. I'm Jack Crumley, and I'm Rick, you Chino stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes past in his news breaks Rush Limbaugh's up next radio 6 10. W TV END SPORTS, Ohio State reportedly one of three schools that voted to try to play the big 10 football season. In the fall, the league revealing Decision to cancel last month came after an 11 3 vote. Indians making baseball headlines yesterday trading starting pitcher Mike Levinger to San Diego along without food or Gary Allen for six players try President Chris Antonetti will bring three players backto our major league team. It will impact us and help us improve in a variety of areas, but also gives us from really great building blocks of future trying to game out in the ale Central After last night's loss, they visit Kansas City again, They Reds also coming off a loss home to ST Louis. Soccer. Tomorrow. The crew home to Philadelphia. Matt McCoy news radio 6 10 W TVs. It's Trump versus Biden and the Mud is everywhere. Nasty allegations. Mail in ballots, vote fraud, It still comes down to the swing states, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin. Even Iowa, Arizona North Carolina and Minnesota are in play so well. Trump Win Find out on Newsmax TV's new primetime Show Stench field all this week at 8 P.m. Eastern Grant Stinchfield reveals the insider poles with Dick Morris, the famed political expert. Dick reveals the secret poles.

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