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This is the deal you wouldn't show that was going to get it done but it's being done very quickly over the last twenty four hours i. I wasn't sure it was going to be done because we've been here before we can. They had been sold to Napoli a couple of years ago. And then at the last minute personal terms there was an issue when you ended up staying. This time hasn't happened. I think it's very good signing for Chelsea. I think it offers us some clues about what they're planning summer yesterday mistakenly said that William had extended his contract. Apparently they're still closed. But that hasn't happened yet. I wonder how moves the needle because of course we talked about this yesterday? They've been linked with Jaden Sancho was well given that you've got politic there and calm Hudson and you've added Zayeck you still the priority of another center forward to pair with to provide alternative timing Abraham. I don't quite know how this all how this all fits together. And whether they're foregoing the sanctuary thing or if they've got something up their sleeve at the stage forty four million seems a good deal in for play. What ten twenty seven next month in his peak stats are really good? Aren't they in the Netherlands? I think he's a terrific player. Who's matured a lot? I think he's he's a much stronger player now and I think in his past. He's an interesting story. Is Father Died Young? I mean he's the youngest of nine children a couple of his brothers. I think we're in prison for A. He's had mood swings and difficult period where he deleted all his. I xe photos from his social media accounts because of criticism of the team. I think he's come through that he's come out the other side. I think you saw his performance. When drew four four Stamford Bridge was brilliant that night? I think you'll play on the right for Chelsea cabs right. They got a lot of players. Who are in contention for places wide but I think it might mean the end for William Chelsea. I think he might be on his way in the summer. Everything is clear saying that. Probably Santiago is That show too. You're going to end their interest in science. You're not not that. I don't think he's a great player. But when frontline pod will have a budget and know that you say it doesn't need another player they can play white left the white right or another playmate because he already has Three or four of them with Hudson with politics with Mason Mount Zion. Who can fill a couple of different roles and so hence the budget will have to go and other possessions striker. Maybe another midfielder. Maybe I defend wherever I wouldn't expect Sancho to be on on the shopping for Chelsea Anymore Chelsea of course on winter break. That concludes on Monday. As they take on Manchester United at Stamford Bridge..

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