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Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three while the four horse women of the apocalypse were babbling nonsense. Fortunately the president wasn't just sitting there idly taking it because he doesn't. That's just that's not what he does so as they're speaking he president trump is tweeting. We will never be a socialist or communist country. If you are not happy here you can leave like it. It's your choice and your choice. Alone is about love for America. Certain people hate our country entry it. Just you know it just feels good. Maybe that makes me a bad person but it does feel good. I love it and then after the press conference <hes> couple of people ask them <hes>. Hey okay. You're you're so opposed to violent rhetoric. You're so opposed to people stirring things up. What about ANTIFA are you? Are you going to denounce Antifa as well and here's one of those times when they're being asked about it. Mrs Cortez misses. You feel responsible. Wow Silence. Will you tell Americans violent anymore ANTIFA to be to be exact shouldn't stop being violent and no response whatsoever. That's kind of an easy one to seems like an an easy one. Stop being violent. Wow No comment no comment. I don't I mean that's a tough one. She was also walking down the halls of of the house. I guess I think she was in the Capitol building here and she was being asked by either either this report or somebody else the same thing. Will you condemn ANTIFA for the attack in Washington. It's easy to condemn a terrorist attack right good point. Will you be condemning ANTIFA. They firebombed un-american facility. Will you know she it. Will you be condemning a tough one. I mean yeah feeling the possibility in the attack with rhetoric about concentration camps. Are you responsible. Do you feel ashamed I love. The Guy Doing it great. Do you use wax Rx. Maybe she couldn't hear him. May maybe earlier. She was confused because he said Mrs Right Right. She's married and she's like Oh. I thought you were talking to Mary. Miss Cortez near this seems she cleared up. She just won't answer that. It's not going to answer. That's really something that I mean. That's not difficult. No can you condemn the violent attack. No she's got no comment on that and you might think well the first time she's just irritated and she's in a hurry and she just doesn't WanNa be bothered the second time walking down the hallway she could stop and say yeah. I'm I'm not in favor of violence under any circumstances or whatever or yeah you know what I think thinking the case of Antifa it's perfectly natural and normal in the right thing to do to get violent. Whatever your point is? Let's hear it crazy. It's just it's amazing from from strength of Jesse's waistband at fat at least at this tweet as agonizing as it is. I think I'd rather hear the Beto Guitar rather than any of the four congresswomen are the apocalypse amitav that is saying something ooh Cooley drinker tweets what's with the ageism Keith if pat identifies twenty then by Golly. He's really a twenty year old. Thank you thank you well. I I stand corrected. I you've got about identifying as and I it's all it takes readily admits all it takes my fault. I seriously though I do identify in my head as maybe eighteen or twenty years old somewhere in her seriously I you vote right. Yes <hes> and you know why because you believe sixteen year old should have the right to vote. No no I do not but don't you. I mean isn't there a place in your mind aligned where you've got to stop and you still feel that age.

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