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Johnson. Great day to play golf, but we wanted to stay inside yesterday and watch golf. Anyway, it was that good. You know, we talk a lot about that live tour, but the U.S. open reminded us PGA Tour lives and is live and will. You think about a mad Matt Fitzpatrick won the U.S. open 601 stroke better than will zalatoris and Scotty scheffler now Fitzpatrick is only 27. 25 and scheffler also 25, Matt ward sees editor of golf today. The statement was made very clearly that the younger size talent that's out there right now happens to be affiliated with the PGA Tour and I think it's a good thing to know that the U.S. open was the benchmark for determining that because it happens to be the second oldest of the major championships. Of course the oldest, the open, which will be played next month at the old course at saint Andrews and I love the open championship. It gives me something to do around here in the mornings. All right, 7 different players in the head and one strong start nationals 9 three wood over the Phillies Jackson Taylor and his first career win toss 7 innings. Orioles to what would of the race the mystic 71 63 would have Connecticut, you know Lena Dell and Don squirt all 15 of her points in the first half and played defense and got her teammates involved in the second. Overtime in hockey, the most exciting part, right? So now a new league where all they do is play overtime hockey. Three ice debuted Saturday in Las Vegas using the NHL's three on three overtime. Format, 6 teams and three ice, which we touring this summer. They're going to be in Hershey July 9th. Each team is named after its coach 5 or Hall of Famers, including geek, grant fjord Joe mullin Larry Murphy, and Brian trotier. It's just fun to say trachea. Dave Johnson of util sports

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