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Been in this business for half a century. And you look and say, whoa, boys, you might want to call it. Now, they're not gonna call it because Jeff motherfucker. He's the new model. Says he's proud of what's been done the morning schmo. He's proud of what's been done. They're proud that they spent two and a half years on collusion. And the fact that there's no collusion. It's okay. New York Times top editor said we're proud of what we've been doing. They're proud of it Washington compost. Same thing had a columnist the other day. I read some of their very proud of what they've done. Proud of it. When you listen to Alexandria, or Casio quick. She reflects the media mindset when you hear them pushing these radical agendas. Those agendas are also the agendas of the media. That's their reality. And they seek to make it our reality. And what you're going to learn in the next few months. Is this distinction between seeking objective truth? Which was the view of journalists a little over one hundred years ago. And they're seeking social activism through what they call public policy or community journalism. And you can see this. And we're going to talk about this. Although not the evening. This has been going on for twenty or thirty years. These are social activists warriors. That's what a Jake tapper is. Don, lemon is. I mean, not particularly bright. Don't get me wrong. And so they are not going to permit. Actual information to dislodge their positions. And this goes back some time. As I explained in the book, Ben bradlee. Covering up for John Kennedy. You have much of the Washington media covering up for Lyndon Johnson. Most of the Washington media covering up for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They couldn't cover up for Clinton because at this point conservative media. Whether it was the American spectator and other entities wouldn't permit. It. Matt drudge. And the blue dress. He wouldn't allow the Washington Post despite the story. In the end. They had no choice, but they sought to cover it up. They sought to cover up the Juanita Broderick rape. The abuse against Kathleen Willey attacks on other women they sought to cover it up. They pushed hard. Against the scape foundation it against others. They pushed hard against people who broke the stories. They sought to break them. But in the end they failed, but they tried. You're going to learn more about Ben bradlee in the Washington Post and Newsweek how they covered up for Kennedy. How Bradley knew Kennedy was using FBI files against his opponents. The extent to which Lyndon Johnson and Kennedy used IRS tax returns against their opponents. And the greatest abuser was Franklin Roosevelt. How he went after Andrew Mellon the Treasury Secretary under Calvin Coolidge and tried to destroy him. Even when the experts within the IRS and the treasury department, we're telling them they didn't have a case FDR said get him. And you wouldn't be happy until Mellon was in prison. Well, it never happened. Because malice was Mellon was an innocent, man. But he paid a dear price. You'll see how FDR one after Huey long was concerned about Huey long as a major competitor. Huey long was very much the demagogue the left wing populist. He was very concerned about him. He was also crooked. And he unleashed the IRS against him and his friends and Huey long knew it. He knew he was targeted by the IRS by Franklin Roosevelt. Before they came to an end, he was assassinated. As many of you know. Richard Nixon would be impeached among the reasons that impeachment charges, I should say were drawn against Nixon one of them was his use of the IRS against his political opponents, which will also learn in this book is he inherited that using the IRS that way from Johnson and Kennedy. That he was treated differently. He was punished for it. Johnson and Kennedy were not. There's an enormous amount of information out there that has not been pulled together. Our media is thoroughly corrupt and it has been for decades. There are a relative handful of exceptions. And a very few institutions I'd newsrooms at art. The strongest among them the biggest among them are corrupt. Absolutely thoroughly completely corrupt while they want you to believe their objective or they seek to report the news. You may get some news. But that's almost an exception in a mistake and a rarity. One of the things we tackle in this book as well. What do we mean by news? What is news? And what is journalism? What is a newsroom, what does all that mean? And you'll see they have associations that put out standards and policies. Which are not followed. So we get into that from an intellectual and scholarly point of view, and we get into the nitty gritty, we get our hands dirty too. 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