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So because when Dan was asking him about the weight, I was like, well, Nevada's not that nosy. And then I looked at oh shit big big old pie in my face. Well, these that gives you an extra month, Paul Felder. Yeah. All right. My man. Well, listen congrats. We really are happy for all the success. You're having as a broadcaster. And I know that you will have to curtail for the next few months as you do your camp. That's fine. Because we've gotten we've gotten you on quite a few shows. And I thought that was huge to have your first pay per view in the garden. Now, he's got to get you to fight in the garden one time. But that would that would be something I wanna do and in the future for sure after experiencing that man that that lasts pay per view that arenas, definitely everything. People say that. Oh, yeah. I agree. Just know they go to New York in November that seems to be pretty consistent. So if you wanna map out your your fight scheduled for next year, maybe January, June and November. There you go. There you go. All right. But thank you so much for stopping by. I know you got to get to work. So we'll let you go. But thanks as always for your time. We appreciate it. I think you guys always love talking to you guys. Thanks so much. You too, buddy. Take care. That's Paul Felder. Follow him on Twitter at Felder ball, the reverse of his name. Let them know you heard him on the m may junkie radio show. We're going to take our last break it's ever made junkie radio on fire nation challenge. Three stay close..

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