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The biology of is that you simply trying to meet the needs of your body's circadian rhythm is the tub these arrest robin five through that grady onslaught a sit down in my little hobo physical. Little two seater safer closed the door and half an amaechi as aisha wakeup. And i'm just go literally go gave a couple of is again relatively speaking on five class and again into the back in the day it's now in the uk it's about nine pm nine thirty in the evening in about in about an hour. I'll be heading upstairs and beheading about fifty minutes of just wonderful meantime crew to beheading hop off radio on book at the time when i'm preparing myself for the night because that's when is the kobe will works i. It's not a scientific is what you're talking about but it's the same principle is unsigned the flow of way. You brains That and meeting his needs. I think you're find. Is that when you google. Steven kotler cycle like flow cycles in lap. Exactly against what. You're intuitively doing so. The flow cycles are struggle so struggle is the phase one which is when. You're doing hard stuff and you're working out problems and your brain is got dopamine nor napn effort in it's hard and then you take a break which is like your coffee in the kitchen. Is you take a break. You do something else you go for a walk. You release those purged those stress chemicals and then that primes you for the creative stuff which is so he goes struggle release which is do something different and etc and then the third part of it is flow. It's which is when you get at your most creative you're pumping out ideas and all that kind of stuff and your body is flooded with all sorts of neuro chemicals like huge bucketload. Feel good things and then it's exhausting so you need to have recovery time. Which is your bath. Time for short within that within that the opposite was which based on his of good. One hours excise. 'cause that's another thing which was released all kinds of endorphins and stuff but i'm a convert to this not just for the creativity under that we might will talk about the mental health side as well. Is this just that help. Not just keep me crazy. Used to be sane as well so the things that are quite closely aligned the sanity and the created not the not that far pas concepts. Well i think that's an. Let's move on and talk about that because the theme for this quarter is all about developing other leaders and developing creativity is a key aspect of developing leadership and it. We can bring out every ounce as you say of people's creativity data in service to developing others and hand in hand goes the mental health piece..

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