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Is home to a bunch of good stuff, including horror week is the big headlining thing going on, which is not as the title might suggest a post mortem of the Chicago Cubs performance over the past week or so. It is in fact a an exploration of Harvey's this being October the month, not only the baseball playoffs, but of Howell weaned and speaking of Halloween, I would encourage you to check out how lean unmasked, which is aiming Nicholson's a part series investigating Halloween and she interviews John carpenter and a bunch of the the key players enemy. So if you're interested in that sort of thing, you're not gonna find any better content than that. You're also gonna find any better division series preview podcast. And this one got Ben limber with the American League coming up later. But right now, let's go to that cram talk about the nationally. All right. So we have survived if only just the wild card games that nationally wildcard game was a little bit of a siege of Petersburg moment for for the baseball world, but we are moving forward to the division series, and here's a man who knows that thing or two about moving forwards that cram to help me preview the National League into that bracket sack. Hello? I, I guess we're two days in is already been fun. Yeah, I think so. So let's start with Berge Rockies. I think this. I certainly didn't expect to end up with this. So the Burs are the have gone from play in game two top seed in the nationally, and their reward is facing a team that has three good hitters took one of them out of the lineup in the wildcard game, and that sort of where I guess I wanna start. So if you look at the American League, the those are basically for juggernauts, particularly from public perception perspective, Yankees Red Sox kind of the series. That will. I'm sure garner the most headlines over the next few days. Brewers Rockies is like if you're a hipster baseball fan, that's this series. I think you should be watching this series for us. We who follow baseball everyday the year for seven months of because these are two teams with a lot of fun moving interesting parts. A Both Miller park and chorus field will provide really unique and entertaining Plath atmospheres. So this certainly isn't the most prestigious series of the Ford DS's, but I think it is no less intriguing for that for that degradation. Yeah. And I'd say also probably one to in certainly among the remaining team cities in in major league baseball, possibly overall one into in beer culture in Milwaukee, Denver, not just because the mega breweries Ahah there, but thriving crafters ends. Well, the stadiums have. The names for them too. Yeah, I love core sealed on on TV. It's unlike anything I don't. I don't know about like there's something about the way it's lit, but I love watching on TV. It's incredible. So. The Rockies are through thanks to the offense of work of Tony Walters and drew Buteera and the heroism of Scott Oberg and Kris Bryant getting himself out. Do you take anything? I guess we're gonna ask about both the Walker games, but do you take anything away from that? I think the bullpen acquitted itself fairly well at amount of, you know, obviously allowed a tie score, but I think he is the most trustworthy Rockies reliever. So I'm not too concerned about that going forward, but the depth pieces actually fared pretty well in extra innings, which is concerned for every National League team besides the brewers who will get to in a second. I'm not totally sure about anything like we knew Kyle Friedland was good ready. I guess the fact that he showed he could do it on short rest was promising, but I'm not sure if he'll be asked to do that again in these playoffs. I think the cubs certainly struggled down the stretch. So I don't know if there's too much take away from holding their offense. Quiet when so many teams did that in September. So let's look at game one which starts tonight. I, it is a pitching matchup that our Fred rhino Hamlin described as sensitive versus bullpen, which could quickly turn into bullpen versus bullpen..

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