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It's all oriented all rooted in foreign interventionism. which is of course? What the deep states? But doing no absolutely I mean look I say it a lot on this show. It's the idea that You know what whatever it is twelve years now after a Ron Paul and Giuliani that confrontation. I can't believe we still need to make AAC this argument. And it's not something that's just just a complete. You know like obvious no brainer. I mean look. There's really only been two groups in the Middle East. It's two groups that are both suny radicals right. There is al Qaeda and Isis. Those are the guys who have have perpetrated attacks against the West and both of them were funded and armed and in the case of al Qaeda trained by the deep state. So let's stop doing that. How is this even like a difficult argument to have? It's like okay. Well what could we have done to have avoided these attacks. I don't know don't give them a whole bunch of money and weapons. That seems like a good place to start. I like isn't that like fairly. You know non controversial to say let's not give terrorists weapons and money But you know I think sometimes the truth is that for a lot of people out there they just they just need to be reminded that this is in fact what their government is done because nobody buddy in the The corporate presses is really telling them that I mean there might be one article buried on page twenty seven of the New York Times about you know how some of the weapons ended up in Isis. This is hands but nobody's really like banging that into people's heads and I think that's what that's what needs to happen so let me ask eastern. The mainstream press is on board with the whole national security stay deep state interventionism and so they effectively become assets. Were you referring to as Afghanistan's where you know the the US has oh. We'll let suck the Soviets into their own Vietnam. Let's let's get to invade Afghanistan welfare. Yeah why is that even a moral thing where you try to get another country to have another Vietnam where people are GonNa get killed in masks and then they start funding. These radical was lami groups to fight the Soviets other. NF Ghanistan those those Islamic groups become the genesis of. That's right they invade Iraq and that's how we ended up with Isis and people. Forget that all we got to fight Isis. We gotTA fight Isis. It's always just one intervention leading to another intervention to another intervention. And it's really just one answer to a day bring the troops home and stop the interventions period and unleash the private sector interact with the people of the world. Yeah that's right I say like I'm you know people. It's like a big thing on youtube where people watch those videos of when troops come home and they're greeted by like their wife or their their daughter daughter their son their girlfriend their dog these beautiful videos of when when some excuse me when some guy gets to come home and he's is greeted by his family. Let's have like Nick. You know thousands and thousands more of those videos. It's just going to be nothing but a positive thing. Let's just bring them all home. How that even the ones in the non-dangerous zones bring Liam home from Germany and South Korea? Hey do we need troops in Germany. I think the war was over in forty five. It's two thousand twenty. I think we're ready to bring those troops home. Let's let's declare glare victory in World War Two and bring bring the troops home. I I think Germany's back on. Its feet now. You know. I think Japan's back on its feet. Let's bring all of the troops home Let me ask you just on a personal level you've been of course you've been at the future of Freedom Foundation for for decades now and you've been writing a ton and and really dealing with you know the the principles and the philosophy and now you're campaigning and you're out doing that what what's it like. How are you enjoying it? Or you're having fun actually. That's a really interesting question This is This turn out to be very interesting. Are My life. I I've been advancing liberty in the educational. Hey Sean Rena for thirty years and I love it. I mean I've had a blessed life you know. There's not very many people that can say they absolutely love to go to work every day and I love it. I mean the worst. I think they could ever happen to be with is to retire because I mean I just I love going to work and get to work at six o'clock in the morning and I just can't tell you how much I love it and so but then I got to a point in my life and I started thinking. Okay you've battled these people in the educational arena for thirty years now at at the Future Freedom Foundation and before that I worked for a couple of years at the foundation for Economic Education as the program director said it's time for just throw myself bigger into this battle and and the best way to battle them directly political arena. And so I just after a lot of soul-searching I said I'm going to go you too. And I don't like politics I mean. There's there's all this the back biting the intrigue the manipulation and the backstabbing stuff that comes with politics a figured I wanNA throw myself figuring that the battle against these Democrats and Republicans who have destroyed our freedom. And why am I doing this. Well I wanNA live in a free society Dave before I pass from this earth and and I I don't know I get that I mean a lot of people have passed on without having that experience. Very Rothbart Bar Ludwig von Nieces and so forth. But I figured I'm going to try. I'M GONNA throw myself into this battle. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go for the Libertarian Party nomination the nation if I lose it then heck I go back to the future freedom. Foundation's but I figured I gotta try. And if I can win this nomination I'm going to try to win the nomination nations. Then it's GonNa be one opportunity to battle Donald Trump and whoever the Democrats put up on. What does it mean to be free? How do we achieve a free society so you just take the debate to a whole different level? So what I what I've done in the past month analysts about a month ago okay. I could've spent my time intra-party you know going to the conventions which I'll be doing because if you know the Libertarian party nominates by convention in May but I said you know I want to do more than that. I WANNA break out the party here so it turns out that the Libertarian Party is earned major party status in certain states that entitles them to participate in the primaries. And one of those states is right here next Virginia where I live North Carolina so I said okay. That's drivable. I can go down there. So that's what I'm doing fine. I have announced on my campaign website. Which is Jacob for Liberty Dot Com that I want to win the North Carolina primary and I went to win it big in two thousand sixteen gene? Gary Johnson got twenty five hundred votes in that primary well to put things in perspective. Hillary Clinton got seven or eight hundred thousand Donald. Donald Trump got seven or eight hundred thousand. Okay I want like quadruple. The number votes the Gary Johnson got in and so it's a nonbinding primary but nonetheless. This gives me a chance to do what I like to do. I like the campaign I like to interact with people. So I'm I'm down there campaigning. Among a large part part African Americans and went to the bus station in downtown Raleigh just introducing myself to people and giving them a campaign card like a little combination card brochure. That tells who I am. It has got a quote there in Jim. Crow mass incarceration and the drug war the most racially bigoted government programmed in history instance segregation nation. And so everybody was so kind to me either. All Poor African Americans engage him in conversation and there were just so kind and we talked politics politics and then I went. I've been to African American newspaper there and I interviewed the reporter. Who wrote a story about an African American guy? They got a two hundred year jail. Jail sentence for drug distribution. He's been in jail for thirty years. I just did an hour long interview in Spanish with a Hispanic make paper because there's a lot of immigrants there so what this is doing. Is this God me out of my office. My Ivory Tower at the future of Freedom Foundation and interacting acting with people and talking to them listening to them about what's going on in this country and and I'll tell you something I wrote on. My website is really fascinating. Those the people in that bus station is poor as they were. I would say the average education was like tenth grade or something they had a better insight into. What's going on in this country then you're Highfalutin College Graduate Columbia Princeton graduate that's writing op EDS and editorials? It was fascinating. One Guy says to me Mr Hornberger were killing a lot of people over there. That really don't deserve killing sky had a tenth grade education. I mean how does he get that insight site so my point is we gotta start listening to people in the lower echelons economically of American society. Nobody listens to them and I think they have a better handle on. What's what's going on in this country? They know about the drug war talked to any African American and everyone knows how racially big it is. How the blacks are getting much higher jail sentences you go to your average well to do white person? He has no idea of the racial bigotry in this war. Now so to answer your question. These four weeks have been among the most meaningful of my life of just interacting with people as part of a campaign social media are. I'll be honest with you. I don't like it. I don't do twitter. I don't new facebook. If if I were made the nominee here I would be reaching out to non Libertarians. Saying this is what we libertarians are fighting for. And this is why we're fighting. This is why people go to these L. P. and build up the structure of the party. These are the principles. This is why we're fighting. That's what I WANNA. Yeah I do you know. As compared to sit better sending out tweets everyday. Yeah no I can. I can totally understand that and it. Is You know you. You're absolutely early right. I've I've had this experience in my life to where a lot of times people who are like the you know the more affluent more highly educated in our society you know whatever the problems with our society may be. It's working out fairly well for them and so they're not really incentivize to look at the really. You know nasty parts of this system system but even as you say it right there I mean thirty lake if you just almost like take a step back and act like you didn't know anything about the world but you had you know a basic sense of morality and you and you said we are throwing a human being in a cage for thirty years when you go like so. What did that guy do like murder a child? Hi older something I mean what. What did he stab grandmother late? And you go now. He distributed a plant that we put on our no list of the. It's like holy macro like how can anybody get away with such a just heinous -ly evil system but I guess I guess you know. Evil Systems have have lasted lasted throughout society. Because a lot of people just don't really question and evaluate them all right anyway. I WanNa say this we are all I know in. You've only been announced for a month breath. This is the very beginning of your campaign. You have gotten so many people like myself really really excited about what you're doing. I mean I know I speak for Tom. Woods and Scott Horton and a whole lot of my listeners. Man who have joined the L. P. People are trying to become delegates to to ensure that you get this nomination. I know you've only been announced for a month. I I saw recently. There was a poll online that you were dominating and you're the front runner and I I just gotTa say man. Thank you for doing this. Because it's really. It's it's a shot in the arm for a lot US real hard core libertarians. WHO JUST WANNA see somebody out there spreading the message of liberty again? We haven't had this since two thousand twelve and so Thank you so much for doing it man and I really encourage everybody to go. GO TO JACOB FOR LIBERTY DOT COM They can learn more about your campaign. Learn how to help out and Yet there's anything in closing that you you want to say the the the floor is yours. Well likes the honors. Mind David.

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