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Right. He acted a cheating a good sport about that. And chart at that. She died other things intervene into life day is not yet. Delighting to remember that after the civil war clay has put Visteon prepped, you tell us something he had. Birth. Glam vision beginning when he got back from the AM strange enough. How did it? But he won two straight terms and the state out. You'd have told you our goal in the sixty rather than the United States Senate. Then of course, he wanted to take a day of war in Lincoln's cabinet. Got across to Petersburg. He bested Lincoln about getting into the war on dill Lincoln, finally eight him come back about teams to made a major. You a couple of battle. But he found out that the night at work. In our interest and went back to Russia. Where are you? Tonight. He lives I think a candidate for governor. I remember directly later on in his life. Whatever political admissions, he had I think he surely must have known that. He could hardly realize them matter principle and much as he such that only say, but they just. I want to seem the letters that he sent to Charles Dane suggestion himself to the president. I very sure that he cable. Will come Kent. Good beer. Is good to talk about the Kentucky civil around table. It's a great institution that is a great institution now. So let's talk about William towns in for a minute. Who is he Bill as we I knew Bill, and he he was born in Anderson county Kentucky, and that's lawrenceburg, and there's even a historical marker it is birth site. Bill was raised there. He is the only person I've ever known in my life who turned to me and told me of the Mexican war veterans. He knew growing up. That takes it back pretty far. He was born about eighteen ninety. And he died in nineteen sixty four, but he knew just a lot of people who not only Mexican war veterans, but particularly civil war veterans, and he became enamored with history as a young boy, he went to the university of Kentucky. And then the university of Kentucky law school. And began practicing law here in Lexington and practice practice it under a firm called stall Muir, Townsend and park, and they were in the old first national building on main street and upper and he took his interest in history to some significant links one he became a namrd with ABRAHAM LINCOLN. And I think what got him into Lincoln was his friendship with William Barton. William Barton was one of the great Lincoln scholars in the nineteen thirties and forties. He wrote a biography wrote a two volume biography from Kentucky. No, but Barton befriended Townsend, and he introduced house into a lot of people like Carl Sandberg, who of course, ROY. A multi volume biography of ABRAHAM LINCOLN towns than wound up writing a book called Lincoln in his in his wife's hometown, which show is a study of Lincoln's connection with Lexington. And that became a book the university of Kentucky press. Now, the university press of Kentucky published as Lincoln and the bluegrass in the nineteen fifties. And it was a very popular book. When I was a boy. And so those were his major books, but then he also produced all sorts of other side things like a book called hundred proof which were stories of the Salt River. These are stories he grew up with well now, he's from the town that that houses the wild Turkey still. As as the as the as his talk that we've just heard the fragment. He laced everything with references to bourbon whiskey refers to it in their is Kentucky tavern. I think Carl Sandberg would like a little Kentucky tavern of. But Bill became the first president. He's really the organizing a person behind the Kentucky civil war roundtable and was its first president until he died nineteen sixty four. So that's Bill. Yes. And now he had some other connections with ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Will he he was a collector? Yes, linked Konia. He collected all sorts of Lincoln documents Lincoln legals Lincoln signatures. He also befriended as a young lawyer here in Lexington. The the son of Benjamin Hardin helm, the confederate Brigadier General who was. Killed at chick Amata and his his son Ben Hardin helm junior lived south of Lexington in a place still called the helm place was brought up there by his mother who was the widow of general helm, Emily and two sisters. Well, let's talk about Emily for a minute. She has a very important connection to ham Lincoln. She has a huge connection of as do all. These are Emily is one of the children of the second marriage of Robert Todd who was married Todd Lincoln's father her mother died relatively young and Todd remarried, married, Elizabeth Humphreys and from that second marriage. He had multiple children one of whom was Emily. So Emily is the half sister of Mary Todd Lincoln, and she's the one who married Ben Hardin helm, the confederate Brigadier General, one of those interesting things about all this, frankly is who in Robert Todd's, the children of his first marriage all became fundamentally pro union during the civil war is daughter Mary Todd, married, the president of the United States, but the children from his second marriage all of Mary Todd, Lincoln's half siblings. All all the boys became confederate officers or confederate soldiers. All the girls married confederate officers. Two of them even lived in Selma, Alabama in the war broke out stitch together. The battle flag of the magnolia graze from a company of infantry from Selma and both of them attended Jefferson, Davis's inaugural. Imagine that all this kind of stuff in Namur Billtown. He loved this stuff. And it's so much of what he did. Form the platform on which so much. Other work has been done on Lincoln his relationship with Lexington. Which is probably the third most important town in his life. Well, and Phil ends up. Marrying the beautiful daughter of his friend, Ben Hardin, helm junior and ends up living, no less than in the home place. He didn't marry the daughter. Okay. I've been Hardin how junior he befriended. Ben. Okay. Then was a bachelor. Okay. And Ben lived out there. Now, what happened was that built Howson's daughter? Mary Genevieve, Mary Joe Murphy and those two lived in the hell place. I see that works. Okay. I had that MC Steph a little bit. Okay. He Bill basically took care of been helm junior. And Ben apparently turned to Bill and said look at a it's all years if you take care of me, and you know without pensions and without.

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