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To that because one of the things since this is so early in the process as you're outlining. Jim Harbaugh has come out already saying that they really WanNa play that he feels like he has the Corona Virus Kovic thing under control and I, mean, obviously fear of covert and mass spread is a big reason why you're seeing these sports cancellations his voice is very loud and very prominent because the school he works at but also that is an interesting. That's an interesting take. Totally tongue-in-cheek. That stress a joke he should be happy about playing to. It's a chance for Ohio state to beat him yet. Again, it's Jansen Jansen to keep his job because I'm sure if he loses a limb again, they're going to fire him. You can't lose them if you don't play them but in all seriousness. Yes sure you might have under control Michigan might have it under control, University of Michigan's Fulton might be great. We'll now tons of resources there. Right Ann Arbor is only second to like an Ivy League school as far as having money to dive into Right University Michigan might have it under control. But Iowa might not or Indiana. Or Wisconsin might not. Or Illinois might not. So when you go to travel to their university and play and before you arrived to play your game, say up, we have a problem. Four or five players tested positive. then. What What happens we've learned from the MLB experienced that you know. Well, Ann. Arbor may be able to Jim Harbaugh may from his view be correct saying well, he doesn't have a problem the problem the the larger issue is that what we've learned from sports so far is that once you break the bubble, things go crazy totally and honestly to appoint the point I was making using soccer isn't medium because I've well-versed in soccer as well of UEFA Champions League is currently going on. And Athletico. Madrid a team that had that had very little co vid. Turnover very little covid numbers at all during the entire pandemic has been happening. They leave to go play a game in Germany, as they arrive in Germany They have to positive cova cases. Might just they pop up. So like what do you do that? Like you do exclude those players who they can't play what about the time Jay spent around the other teammates so I understand yes. You might have it under control and you're like perfect area where you have it that they come to in. Arbor. You're good. But if you have to travel to go anywhere, that's a problem that's next. That's the problem you cannot control. You can't control what happens in east lansing or what happened champagne or where or Bloomington. You can't control those things. So the fact that he's like well, we have to control while everyone else is a little shortsighted and I love to say a surprised for him but he tends to make a lot of those comments where if it benefits them, it's fine but benefits nobody else whatever and I have friends who played college football who are like they should play deftly playing college sports keeps these kids off the. Streets keeps them from doing other things I understand that and I empathize as to coach Youth League football, and like the kids he would play played great in the kids who drop out normally get into stuff and I understand that I'm not saying I feel bad for those people but also like, is it really worth you going up there to go play it getting sick and potentially dying or carrying this disease to your family? Like I know I know being young makes you think you're invincible and I get it as well. But like this is not the time for that. Well, regardless, it seems like we really there is still a group of Americans just don't have the same. We, don't agree as a country about how severe this situation really is I I need to keep moving though over to sports that are playing Detroit? City F C has a match coming up. That's right. They play this weekend the fifteenth still no fans this weekend the fifteenth against Frienemie Chattanooga. FC. If Detroit city is a number one attendance team in Lower League Soccer Chattanooga FCC number two very close behind them normally should be a fun game because fans to build interact with each other Chattanooga travels well. Without that though it's still going to be pretty good game Chattanooga has a really good history when they were in the NPS L. With trade city of having a bunch of winning seasons in a row however their first game of the fall session was against another Michigan Team Michigan Stars the other Professional Michigan. Team. In. Minnesota and they lost two to one behind goals from Kyle News. And former Detroit city player and former Grasshopper Zurich player. Steven. John Kyw who scored a goal in eighty seven th minute to give them the definitively. So just based on what we've seen with trade city of see in the niece showcase cup, they should be fine I know Chattanooga's professional team with money putting into their players in. Se Buffalo, and Cleveland SC, are not. But if they're moving the way, they're supposed to be moving and they look to be in sync enough should not really matter. We don't normally get into this but Michigan Stars also had a match we got we've had some thought around the the fact that we really do have to teams in Metro Detroit. So what happened with the stars over the weekend? Yeah. They they play Chattanooga in Chattanooga's first game they won two to one. You could tell their professional team just by how. By how they were carrying themselves in moving, but they were really sloppy There's been some reports that they started practicing even earlier than they're supposed to. So those are true. I don't really know why they look at sloppy as they do, but they got the wind and that's really all that matters. This point they do have some exciting players as I mentioned before they have Steven John Guy who used to put for Detroit city of see he also played for Grasshopper Zurich in Switzerland He has some professional, some professional glamour to him really talented player. They also have one of my favorite keepers and I think one of the best goalkeepers in the State of Michigan Tatenda Rubel who has played the Afghan World Africa Cup of Nations, which is essentially like. The World Cup only for African teams to determine who goes to the actual World Cup. So if you're playing in there I'm not really sure he ended up and like Sterling Heights Michigan but. Happy here because I get to watch him very a lot easier Michigan Star on a pushover. Pushover team that used to be not very good on got a very rich owner who came and gave them a bunch of money to get better and while they're not like world leaders are not the best team. You'll ever watch their solid enough to keep your interest. Actually Detroit travels to play them a next weekend of the twenty second. So that should be pretty interesting game back and forth especially now that especially now since sensor. To pro teams in one of them's trying to say that we're not the other pro team being stars or should be some fireworks on the field. So that should be very exciting to watch. Well, I am looking forward to those games and also getting all the inside information from you fletch Fletcher Sharp. You can follow him on twitter at Saint. F.? D. W. Good to talk to you as always. Sir, thanks for having me go. All right. That is it for your daily Detroit if feedback on the show, a story tip or one, ask a question, our listener line is three, one, three, seven, eight, nine, thirty to eleven. That's three, one, three, seven, eight, nine, thirty to eleven looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for listening. I'm Jay stays don't forget your mask to care of each other and we'll see you around Detroit..

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