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The john corby show news radio 610 wtvn by far the home stretch of the big your abby it's tuesday show today's october third and on this day in history 1913 third the federal income tax was signed into law and got a horrible day well i mean we made its all the way until 1913 and yemen have an income taps and everything was fine yeah following everything was fine but aid for the military uh you know did what we needed to do and it'll never go away elle no ever go away so wait with with oldie gave the income tax that do away with witholding i'd be content with that one on a started that withholding wonder if they started at the beginning or later on black maybe during world war two it was later i did think it was later but i don't remember the day because in world war two they would have needed damani honey yeah uh as quick as they could get it so yeah i don't know when they started the lse let's check all wicket pedia all right where cancer old adelaide is allowed a lotta i don't care i know what it is i just wanna know who had had started right are world war two congress end reduced pero withholding and quarterly tax payments 1943 okay so now the world war two's over let's do away with yeah let's i mean everybody can still oh what they owe but let's not do withholding let's led people hang out of their money and then send it in april fifteen april fifth team new state nineteen twenty two rebekka felton of georgia became the first woman to gain a seat in the united states senate this date nineteen she do with it i don't know okay honest date nineteen thirty six college football player and coach john william heisman died at the age of sixty six metro fee.

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