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Show. Got Up this morning in the shower and Open the closet like what should wear today. Oh God you know. It's National Egg Day. So. I need to wear something egg ish. I mean what what are you? What are you wear to celebrate national egg? Day June third National Egg Day. I'm like okay. It's an egg who cares then I started thinking eggs are hyper. Important eggs are look I. mean they're so versatile I. Bet I challenge you and I'm sure you may come up with a few inches, but I challenge you to come up with any food that can be altered in any as many different ways as an egg or prepared extra just. You know what I'm saying WHO's. Don't think. They're important I. don't think I can think of anything that switches it up quite like an egg does now there's. All Day thanks a lot. For You know they're. They're a billion different ways to do. Shrimp as we learned in in forest movie. But eggs I'm sorry. Look at the billions of different recipes that you use exit. Goes way beyond shrimp. I love shrimps and I'm not. GonNa take it away from me. Frog and I know you're a lover to. Trump's skiing bowl exiled from the unfair advantage. Eggs do because once you use something in better than that just changes the game, and then it's used for all kinds of things. Yeah, you can actually combine eggs and shrimp. You can actually make a batter for the shrimp with. You know what I'm same you could do. Favorite things with an egg putting an egg on a cheeseburger. A fried on a Burgh Oh my God bobby flay at his Burgers, Bobby's Burger Pal. Whatever the hell. Let's call the call Bobby's Burger Palace. Has An egg burger? That is D-. It probably is the Best Burger I've ever had. It is so incredible, so you could actually lift any dishes like there's nothing like a like a plate of enchiladas Red Schilling and take an egg. Up, what's? Egged. A. Quiche, quiches are underrated, but but I look for eggs. Excite me in general. I look forward to Saturday morning. Hold on, hold on, hold on me, I quote you eggs. Excite me in general says. I'm on Saturday mornings when I wake up and go into my kitchen and make myself an Omelette big. Fan and I've perfected my omelets. Do the slow and low method I've researched it I. finally have it down and I look forward to it I do get excited I've goosebumps calm down eggs? I know I'm excited for you. And I love how the the for Totta is kind of a relative of the egg. So people are saying What about potatoes Oh my God you're right. Potatoes are extremely versatile. You can use eggs in more dishes than potatoes. I'm sorry. I stand firm. Is Amazing, but the. Good Friday. Look but I'm not I. Don't WanNa take away from a potatoes, because I love a potato. If I eat potatoes every meal I would. Anyway, but if we go on on on and on about eggs, I just think it's a good day to celebrate. The Egg enjoyed egg today. You know what there's a chance you're going to be eating an today. Don't even think about it because Exeter. Everyone's there in everything unless you're allergic to eggs is diamond eggs. I. Think. He's allergic to everything, so I would think is there. Always assume yes. Yeah Frog, we were GONNA. Make chocolate chip cookies the other night and I wanted to save some of the raw cookie. Just eat the raw cookie dough. 'cause I love it, but it was a big warning on the packages says you can't eat raw cookie dough because it contains raw eggs. I did not know that. All the time we all this. Eat The raw the rock there's. There's edible cookie dough that you can eat and then there's the one that you're not supposed to eat. Edible cookie. Cookie Dough, I think they. Take your chances. And so since it's a tax, which reminds me. Did any of you watch the Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Net flicks? I net Oh my God. It's I thought it was so fascinating. There was another one that I watched before I watched that one. The one on Netflix is much more involved in goes on a little bit deeper, and the entire thing is just fascinating, and you do hear from some of the women who were involved in this when they were younger. So you're hearing these first hand accounts of what happened. One of there's a connection here. They're saying that his thing was shaped like an egg. That, How. How.

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