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Running for school boards city, councils county, commissions state, legislatures and governorships as the coke brothers did start in the sixties and seventies because their dad Fred was one of the founders of the of the John Birch society and the after the Republicans kicked them out in any event. Joe, look, I see Democrats Republicans as being from different planets. The Republicans understand that one day impacts the next they connect dots beautifully. They understand that the George W Bush victory in Florida in two thousand by the supreme court was the result of their seats. The supreme court S E E D, I N G like growing crops prior to that everything builds on everything else the supreme court the lower courts, you take over the state legislature. You get the governor they've been doing it slowly steadily. And and and the Democrats the Democrats like. In this moment. It's freak out time. These are two different species Joe and unless and until the Democrats figure out how to act like Republicans. They're goose is cooked forever. Right now. Norm. You know, could this the supreme court has the ability to strike down everything Medicare Medicaid? So they're not gonna do that. They're not gonna strike that down Medicare, look, even the chief Justice knows that congress has the power to tax and spend Joe pop quiz. Why is social security constitutional? I gave you the answer. Why social security constitutional because under article one section eight percents powered attack suspend why did she Justice John Roberts who was trying to find a way to overturn ObamaCare? Why did he finally have to vote to say, it's legal? It's constitutional why because congress said by health insurance, and if you don't want to here's a tax supreme court said, hey, that's social security Medicare, the congress.

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