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Is probably the most helpful thing that one can do to provide a good user experience to arm will person are making a case where intuitive and um you know when it comes to god i think the best way to make something intuitive is just to be explicit and that is i think one of the most amazing features will go is that you know what he sees what you get there is like no magic there is no no it up like hidden abstractions or like indulge zerocost obstructions or any of this is just like dead simple bite it's verbal is it's not everyone's cup of coffee but it is dead simple it is what you know you will get at indian ocean what it does and you know that's amazing and that's extremely valuable an extremely valuable providing good user experiences do other developers i couldn't agree more with where he decides everything in specially where you center the last that go is very different ends strives to make it make everything explicit i absolutely love that about goto and as far as your marcos tons malfunctions for me personally i when i had a programme me i was more struggling with knowing how to do it right fast i still struggle reach vicious their struggle then learning how to do it it's a perfect uh but i always kept reading books like link colton pragmatic programmer and martin fowler books and learning how to best practices ends then i started when i started to ruby i was at a point there was more or less.

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