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Hard to me. They because they you know, they never talked the fight. And so he walks over to them, and you know, pretty much sits next to more than this. One fight. Victor drive goes down out tears. Dad is in the back. You can't really see him office Drago Ivan and his intimate moment versus them to finally face to face. No one else. No cameras. No, nothing. And you know, they just have a moment. They shared me. And like, look we we're released of our fathers pass, man. Like, it's is more to this fight. You know, we're more than his fight. And it's just a moment is so it's just a moment. Legit. I could see why you at the same time. Maybe interrupts momentum of the end. Thought the film ends right at the end of the fight. Then with the film in at that moment. What is? Rings movie once and I didn't want to do that to the fans to the people watching the movie, you know, then it was something cool about. Sorry to get off topic. But it was all about them having their stories on their own. And you have never kind of having that connection and you kinda wanted a bit. So obviously leases hand if there's a creek three or whatever may be. But if like there's even in a corner moments cre- news having his corner, but he didn't know what happened in Drago corner. A while fights happening just felt nice at we as you were experiencing this, and we're almost don't creed. Stop don't even go any further with the fight. Because of what we saw in the car where he didn't, you know? So. So it was interesting because a film effectively begins with withdraw go with the drug os. And and you there are scenes where it's just the two of them on their own. We get a glimpse inside their relationship. And the the temptation must have been in to go into this to almost have both of them be that sort of unknowable monster away completely. It's really interesting you humanize both. Yeah. And then wanted to jump, you know, I think studio jam for allow me to humanize them. I mean, there was talk of whether or not we should be opening a movie on a creed film Montijo wanted. because I don't think any of the films have been opened up on villain opponent in Iraqi franchises..

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