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Security was tight here downtown bellevue but there were no confrontations a deep the demonstrators openly welcomed police who blocked off bellevue way for eight to ten streets northeast as the rally went on bellevue pete combs komo news criticism president trump is defending his sison to stop making subsidy payments to health insurance company that money is a subsidy for insurance company take a look at this stuff before they are they go through the roof washington shirts commissioner has word to describe president trump's decision to stop paying bills of dollars billions of dollars and health insurance subsidies for the poor he calls it crazily will waiting to see what action we can take through the courts mike kreidler says is working with attorney general bob ferguson on that today our state join twenty others in a lawsuit against the trump administration which you just heard from bob ferguson and ferguson's already taken the trump administration to court several times since the president was inaugurated back in gene perry cradles says y'all's of the next there's bipartisan support in congress for continuing the subsidies washington state's attorney general also is free to challenge president trump's latest travel ban now that a federal judge in seattle has lifted a stay the dance at take effect next wednesday would limit travel to the us from six middle eastern nations plus venezuela and north korea washington ag bob ferguson considers the restrictions unconstitutional he filed a brief wednesday asking ninth district judge court james robart to lift that stand legal challenges adding white house lawyers had no objections five of the state attorneys general are joining ferguson suit decision on an in an issue to ban supervised injections sites and king county could come as soon as monday komos jeff pohjola has more from the king county court that issue is whether an initiative can override administrative decisions made by public health officials attorney no lowly says no i twenty seven is an invalid referendum on it constituted referee on the county's ordinance approving funding for the epidemic response plan and charter itself prohibits any referenda on tax but opposing council drew stokes berry says there's more to it than that this is a policy matter nuts public health there are repercussions of these sites they go beyond the treatment of health crisis the court will issue a written ruling on monday at.

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