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At Peter burns ESPN will be joined by a head coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores head football coach Derek Mason in Nashville Tennessee in a couple of minutes also Nate Boyer former NFL player former green beret going to join us remember he was really one of the catalysts behind the Colin Kapernick discussion about kneeling back in twenty sixteen and what it meant for social inequality would nobody better to really talk about that then with Nate Boyer and he'll join us at nine thirty eastern for about forty minutes away but we just had Booker McFarland on the show Katie and you know we we talked about this that that wasn't necessarily an onus on white athletes to speak out however a lot of them have in its just athletes in general and I will say this I I do want to commend the the young men and women that have done that and because that's not it that's it it's not an easy thing to do whatsoever to speak about an uncomfortable topic and I and maybe I'm a coward and I'll say it this this way is that I've had more Frank conversations about race and inequality in my personal life in my circles and I don't know if I'd had those conversations if I didn't see other younger players speak out role models guys that I guys that I follow for a living Joe burrow Trevor Lawrence Carson Wentz you know Jaylen brown of the Celtics are fifteen hours yesterday down to Atlanta where his hometown of el Marietta Georgia he says this is a conversation I want to have and I'm not sure if I'd be so happy to listen and I met me that says something about me but I am definitely more after listening to try to understand more than ever before ever in my life and I think it's the sports leaders that are or help leading that way right I mean like that like think about the pandemic when it happened we did we really start taking this pandemic in the corona virus and being safe and flattening the curve really wasn't until an NBA player had tested positive right Rudy go bare test positive all of a sudden the world was like do the NBA to shut down like this is this is not just some like little hopes this is not some this is the thing this is a worldwide thing it was an NBA player that helped us understand that and I do for the longest time we're always told well Hey listen you don't need to be a role model right like that you know if your sports figure don't get involved in this but now that we are seeing it now that we've progressed farther from twenty sixteen to twenty twenty I think it is important because I know with this it's changed my life it's changed the way that I'm more willing to listen and willing to try to understand I always think that I thought I was listening but I probably really was I think I was I I think personally Katie sorry this is therapy that you're thank you for listening mornings are far that is undergoing therapy but I think part of it is I always knew it was an issue and go okay it didn't now when I see the courage of all athletes and even WBA put out something and the schools or NFL these college coaches are putting up something white pocketed matter it was a human thing in in in this is not a white or black thing it's it's a it's a sports fan thing it's a human thing it's a mom thing it's a dad thing it's a it's it's it's it's a personal thing it's a human thing that we're trying to figure out here and I do think sports plays a major role in that and I'm glad that we have athletes at least bringing this up to the forefront and it's not just black athletes as white and black athletes it's it's it's everyone right because sports changes perspectives right you look up to athletes you follow their lives you want to know every part of what they're doing how they're training when you're an avid fan and you support them and you love them and you watch them on a day to day basis and when somebody you love and support and admire takes a stand on something as simple as human rights you're gonna listen and I think you're going to feel something and so seeing all these different athletes take to social media go to protests and stand with others who are in pain is very powerful and yes sports can change perspectives and leaks can take stances and make a difference in so many communities where they have teams located and I think you're seeing that I mean the fact that Jaylen brown drove from Boston fifteen hours to his hometown of Atlanta to participate in that protest he could have protested in Boston right now his backyard where he lives currently but he said it was important for me to go back to my roots down to Atlanta my hometown where I grew up where I was affected and be a part of those protests to end that's powerful to see something on there's a tweet though and I just can't get out of my mind I saw it last night and I immediately sent it to a bunch of people that I known I'm friends with my family and it's from say Jones at wide receiver for the Las Vegas raiders he said I was just at a local home good store with my cousin getting furniture for my place when an elderly white woman approached me at the checkout counter she looked at me with tears in our eyes and then said I'm from Minneapolis and I just want you to know you matter to me he then goes on to tweet I hesitated to hunger because she's wearing a master's elderly you know social distancing but I asked her if I could hug her and she fell into my arms and cried and he said I think her name but I'm grateful for the encounter beautiful hearts still exists be the example be the light and love others and I just I don't know that that all of the stuff that I've seen over the last few days as terrible some of it is banned as wonderful as some of its been this is probably the best anecdote that is warmed my heart in a really negative and sad situation that is going on around us so I just love that store and I'm glad to say Jones took to Twitter to tell and you know you shared that it spoke to you and there is one reason why too it made it into your timeline is because he's an athlete it was a person that had some type of influence and we need more of that sports has always looked at as the distraction to get us away from thing but now it can be your reaction how we can kinda he'll get back to a little bit normal that's why I want sports to return so we get back to all promoting one thing coach Derek Mason Vanderbilt head football coach joins us next year on ESPN radio your.

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