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In Phoenix flights beginning November first from the convenient Carlsbad airport. President Trump has ordered the FBI to reopen its investigation into supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh over sexual misconduct allegations CBS news Caitlin Huey. Burns tells the of the events leading up to this afternoon's announcement Jeff flake to Senator from a Republican Senator from Arizona spoke up and said that he would not vote for cavenaugh unless there was an investigation done by the FBI into his background check. And he set some parameters there. He said he only wanted it to go for a week. And he wanted it to be limited in scope. Susan Collins of Maine, those two key votes. Also saying that they wanted an FBI investigation supportive of flakes measure. We also heard from a couple of red state Democrats who will be key to this process of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. Also supporting this investigation, Trump said the investigation must be limited in scope, meaning in only pertains to professor Ford's allegations and the work must be done in less than a week. Hurricane Rosa in the eastern. Acidic was upgraded to a major category. Four hurricane today with one hundred twenty-five mile an hour sustained winds Rosa's expected to gradually weaken as it heads toward northern Baja California, but its remnants could bring heavy rainfall to the southwestern United States, including San Diego early next week. Now, some of you might remember the James Franco movie one hundred twenty seven hours when he had to cut off his arm at the elbow to save his life. We've had a similar incident in North Dakota CBS news, Jim shanavie reports sixty nine year old Myron slap men of Jamestown North Dakota was hurt. Well, making sausage in his garage, his left arm got caught in an electric meat mixture. When he accidentally stepped on the pedal activating the machine he ended up losing his hand and part of his arm, but it was his choice. He used a butcher knife to sever the hands. So that he could call for help. He credits to police officers with saving his life as they were quick to respond and stop the bleeding. Jim Chenevey, CBS news. Now, here's news eight Carey lane with your micro-climate forecast. Plenty of sunshine. The beaches topping out at seventy Seventy-three today, the inland valleys in the mid eighties as well as the mountains, and the desert will be one hundred six this weekend will be gorgeous as well temperatures right around the mid seventies at the beach. Inland. Areas topping out in the mid eighties frame seven sixty I'm news aids. Carry lane right now sunny and seventy eight in alcohol on the Padres kick off their final series of the two thousand eighteen season tonight down a Petco park when they host the Zona Diamondbacks. Mike Slater's coming up AM seven sixty talk and breaking news, Monday morning. Armstrong and Getty show. Right. Hans Salaam, the author of melting pot or civil wars. Son of immigrants makes the case against open borders now, Mike Slater on AM, seven.

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