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Democrats have been doing for his lately anyway later on this hour politico investigative reporter josh meyer joins me the blockbuster piece that rolled out this weekend i was so anxious to get josh on the program to talk about how politico which is not a rightwing news organization it in fact if anything tilled slightly to the left a 40' page extravaganza of investigative reporting on how the obama administration ignored terrorism and money laundering and drug dealing in this country that was linked to the terrorist group hezbollah because barack obama was sowing anxious to sew up a deal with iran ian mullah's the nuclear deal that he was so proud of and he said that any kind of investigation of hezbollah would rock the boat it's an amazing piece to read you've got to check it out the idea that an american president and his administration which simply put this massive investigation on the back burner because he was worried about having an adverse effect on his nuclear deal by the way i don't think the nuclear deal did as any favors so it wasn't really putting worth putting out a lot of extra effort for the federal government may be ready to sell off some of its assets as heads that are costing taxpayers like you and made billions every year and julie kelley from national review joins me to debunk v seven banned words that the cdc if you've been seeing the stories that broke over this past weekend take a moment and cast a vote in my twitter poll you'll find it online at twitter lars larson show and at lars.

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