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When he found it. So is that what made him so good in the wet probably? Yeah. Yeah. The just the sheer belief in his own ability. Whatever was going to happen. I mean, it has founders of caution just charging into a corner ridiculous speed. And you're going to catch it up. But he would. He would just have extra degree of faith the his ability was carrying through. And I don't really know how you describe it. But that's that was always my feeling with him that, you know, he's coronary speed is always higher was had a bit more confidence. And in fact, helping men the sand the ways of getting the best time of the car was was important thing. And Michael was have very close relationships his engineers, and he started we Pat Simmons venison. Andrea stellar couple of different guys at at Ferrari. It was had a very intimate relationship is engineers because you spent so much time with them. And those are the guy who would actually have more Finnity in more feel for what the car was doing. And describe it to him discuss it with him, and they were too. There's generally a three person team that'd be Mike. Race engineer what we call the vigorously, and he was victimless. Remember dry stellar used to do that for Michael, and he would do all the data analysis. So the three of them would be quite a strong, Nancy and working out. How to get the best out of the car and what the best way of driving. It was what needs to change, etc. Etc. And that commitment that devotion to that process was one of the strengths at Michael hat. You talk about devotion. So his work ethic. Was that unlike any of the driver you experience? Yes. Yeah. I think of what was some pretty professional drivers. And I think you know, if you take someone that Martin Brundle monsoon was extremely committed and other than you would say that Martin wet any less how to Michael. But there were a lot of other drivers who who definitely didn't didn't get it. It. Mentioned. Johnny Johnny lessons. Cotton socks was. I remember the first I went up into debris for Johnny any was playing Nintendo or something on the little little machine. And it was his way of relaxing. I kind of understood that I was very shocked. The I it got there and seem deep in deep in discussion with his engineer, and I went up to the debrief fasten Johnny was playing Nintendo. And that was his way of on coming down on dealing with it. And that wasn't what I was used to. Because you know, I've got the best and not see Michael in the huddle with this couple of guys working at what had happened. What was doing? It'd be some av puzzle..

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