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And as we know President Trump had over 30,000. Excuse me. People show up for the rally in Coleman. This past Saturday night, and we're the only station by the way to bring this to you live as it happened, and President Trump introducing Mo Brooks as our next U s senator, Listen, and I have to say it. I just can't imagine him losing. He's got courage. He's an honest guy. He's an honest guy, and that gives them the courage. Your next U. S. Senator from Alabama Mo Brooks. Thank you, Congressman. Welcome in. I couldn't have said it better myself. Welcome back in. Well, I hope you both our SAGES in profit, Stein will tell the voters will make that decision. Of course, we're going to be up against some very powerful special interest groups. We're going to pour lots of money. Into this race, trying to make sure that we do not get a Maga candidate in the United States. Senate time will tell. I hope the voters will see through it all. Well, when you've got President Trump and everybody at our radio station pulling for you, it's going to be a tough one to lose. I think he's correct and that you will be our next U s senator. But let's talk about the rally. Obviously, you were there. You guys spoke both of you spoke How was it? Uh, backstage with other folks there. I know there were a lot of dignitaries. Every Governor Ivey was there. Steve Marsh. Was there talk about some of the things that most people did not get to see behind the scenes. Well, there was a lot of conversation a good time. Uh, President Trump. He had a long line of people who wanted photographs with him, as you would anticipate. Now. Part of that was fundraising for the Republican Party, and they did great raising over a million dollars. We also had our own little fundraiser aspect to the rally. We raised over a quarter of a million. So that was pretty good, very much appreciate citizens of Alabama coming to our support like they did. When, uh, President Trump spoken and you spoke as well, there was everything positive for the most part. There was a couple of times that President Trump He got bleeped, you know? Uh, but, you know, he's a colorful guy first, you know, but he also brought up the vaccine. And there was a Smith during a little bit of booing going on. Were you surprised about that here in Alabama? Hey, we have at these rallies. You have spirited crowds. And in every crowd. You have different people with different opinions and that goes with it. Yes, President Trump got booed a little bit. When he talked about vaccine and heck, I got booed a little bit, too, when I was trying to get people to focus on the 2022 2024 elections. A lot of people want to stay with the 2020 elections and fix that problem, and I would love to be able to fix that problem, but we also have to understand. Also have to understand. That we've got an election cycle, and we're already 40% of the way through it. And that's that's a critical one. Because we've got to capture the house in 2022. We've got to capture the Senate, and we've got to direct that big stop sign to the socialist agenda. Yeah, You're right. Everybody is still a lot of people still focused on what happened in 2020 how the election was stolen. We gotta fix it. We've got to find ways to bring people accountable to this. But you're absolutely right. Moving forward. Is more critical than than getting, you know, that brought up again in 2020. That's past its in the rear view. We gotta do both. Yeah, no, I agree to be both. We need to try to fix the problem with the voting machines if possible, and hopefully the legislatures will do that, too large degrees. But, gosh, the 2022 elections. As I said, this cycle, we're already 40% into it. Those elections are right around the corner, and we cannot afford to not win big in 2022. It is critical that the midterm swing back with some control going to to the conservative Republicans, because if we continue in this direction here, it's just outrageous. Now, when you introduce the president You brought him up And you hear this? A lot of times, Ladies and gentlemen, your next You know, whatever it is senator, vice president, President. The return of President Trump did Did he give you a little hint backstage that he's made up his mind to run or is that just you hoping and wishing and Expecting. President. President Trump has not told me what he's going to do in 2024 whether it's going to run for reelection. Personally, I believe that the decision had to be made today that President Trump would run for election in 2024. I was making sure the crowd knew that I want him to run. And that's why I referred to 2024 as the second coming of President Donald Donald J. Trump. I think you're right about that. And it also gave President Trump a nice little boost of energy hearing that crowd respond to that possibility that there's no question about it that, uh, he would be welcome back with open arms and I gotta tell you, I I like the President Trump Vice President. The Santas ticket in 2020 for Trump steps down after that, and doesn't run again, obviously And then de Santis can comes in and then is re elected for a second term. So the next 12 years I've already got sewn up in my mind What I think's going to happen in the White House, so hopefully this will come to fruition. Stay with us. Congressman. I want to talk to you a bit more about the debacle with what's happening in Afghanistan and also what this means for our southern border with the Taliban back in control, now more with.

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