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For always adding something. Special, adding a new restaurant. Adding a new resort which there are many coming and. One of the chips that I had. For the callers is we have also followed in love with the Disney cruises with absolutely exceptional but what we do is we go to, a Disney property before the cruise, and then we have the ease of. Taking the Disney transportation, to the, cruise port and then we do, our crews and then we. Return at a Disney property so it is the best package WJR ever but we are just so thrilled to be able to go to Disney and just enjoy everything for years, and years and many years hopefully to come Cynthia thank you, so much for all your kind words for both Walt DisneyWorld Disney cruise line and especially candy in the south hills office candy is awesome, I've worked very closely with her for. Years and she loves Disney as much as all of us do she does. Such a great job for AAA so that is, wonderful she does and, Disney cruise line is, also my daughter's favorite Disney. Vacation we love that you visit both our parks and the ship I think that's a great way to do it and I always tell. People that the cruises are a little bit more laid back than a visit, to the parks and that's where you truly get to relax and fake ation but, also in a very big Disney way with all the Disney characters on board. All the shows all of the Activities in a. Beautiful ship I think that's wonderful and also we were talking. About how lean on the high seas and Mickey's. Very merry time and I just wanted to let the listeners know these are special times where you can take them, cruises on Disney cruise line Cynthia have you ever done one, of the Halloween or Christmas time cruises now we have just done of the usual cruises but they, are so magnificent To have fireworks going off in? The evening and you're on that ship it is, just outstanding and castaway cay Is about. The most beautiful place I've ever seen I. Agree in all honesty we're a little bit, older my husband is turning seventy seven this year and I won't tell you I'm a lot younger than him But still a little bit older and made the decision the first. Trip, that we chalk on a cruise, I said I am not going to the busy area I'm. Going to go over to, the calm end of the island well as soon as we got there there were characters dancing and the DJ was playing fun music so every time we go we park ourselves in the same spot on castaway cay and I have no interest in the other part of the island right there is there is a part of, the island called serenity bay for our. Guests eighteen and over that is. Very quiet and relaxing and calm where you don't find the characters or the dance parties, but that makes it all the fun we don't go. That area either we have so much fun and we always go to the same, area of. The beach which, is probably similar to where. You go as well and just to let, our listeners know that during the Christmas time on the cruise Is. Is there's, a twenty four foot tree in the atrium. There's deck the deck party so deck the halls deck the deck. I, love it off to happens to, pop in on the ship from time to time MRs Claus. Does some storytelling we do, make it snow on castaway cay and Cynthia I think you should call candy now in book one of these cruises because if you like castaway cay you're really going to like it when we decorated for the holidays how wonderful well there isn't anything about Disney that we don't love and everyone that knows me they know that, I love my Disney and just the. People that work for Disney are. The cream of the crop I mean they are just sell a Pomme dating and so, wonderful and have such a beautiful attitude I I really. It is just our favorite place so I'm just so thrilled to be able to To enjoy it and thank, you for? All, your work also thank you so much thanks for all the kind words for. Everything Disney and tell candy high from all of us yes Cynthia thank you very much for your business and Marsh. We gotta, get her on with sometime in the future we could just sit here and hang out. And, let her go let her go your thank. You very much again thank you for your business We are AAA family appreciates that robbed we have another. Caller we do it's. Bishop into Nora Bishop. Good. Morning welcome to Katie Gary And I just retired yesterday though.

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