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Was that Milan would not willing to make it ovation divine? They kept it as a right threat. And they told him a formality because they said, look, we wouldn't spend money on this loan for you. If we weren't going to do it. But if the national fat play reasons, we have to make it rights rather than Gatien, by the way. We should we say Neilan we mean loan Argo because he was in charge of this time. Yeah, I know people are fans out there and have offered to goes that Gazeta's not in. This is all Leo. But but said, so this is this is what why do such a baby in your team. This is what I don't understand right. Sure. But why are you wants maybe team? I mean from Chelsea's point of view you want him because undecided specifically thirty six thirty five games one season. No. But he's, you know, come on his way. Scoring strike. He elevates the pay in the final MVP. You've Venter's LA season. He was top scorer in the Neagh under mount it's your Saturday. He was great around Madrid. He wasn't combines EMA. And he didn't he wanted to be the man which is why he went to now forty but he's proved that when he is loved when he's comfortable. He's a great scorer. Maybe because I just naturally I kind of feel that. Yes, he can easily very technical. But these guys are like, I don't wanna be here anymore after six months. He wanted more money to go to this is the other thing right that deal happen because he demanded more money, you got a raise and any sitting there, and he's been told by all parties, the reason this deal to Chelsea can't happen is because your contract is too big because they don't wanna be on the hook for another two and a half years. And all we get the brother always so busy believe so miserable. Like, you know, what here's a way for you to stop being so miserable. Take a freaking pay cut. If it's so miserable. And and your so dying to be..

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