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It's 25 till on America in the morning, AccuWeather dot com, meteorologist Matt Benz, is tracking the latest storm system moving across the nation, a weather pattern here over the coming days and right through this weekend shifting almost into overdrive as we see a big dip in the jet stream called a trough moving into the Pacific Northwest that will transition east here through today across the middle of the country and this drought separating the relatively warm air across the south central U.S. to the colder air that is still found across the north central U.S. and these boundaries mean and we'll see several systems developing across this region over the coming days. Today, this first system expected to move from the central plains into the upper Midwest for today as an area of low pressure drags a cold front across the central and southern plains we expect thunderstorms to erupt here into this afternoon and evening from eastern Nebraska and western Iowa southward through Texas. These storms can pack a punch here later on today through this evening with damaging winds and hail being the main concerns, but an isolated tornado can not be ruled out as well. Heavy rainfall expected across portions of northern Iowa through eastern Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is not a good setup with regards to what is on the ground right now, and that's a lot of snow, especially across western Wisconsin, where some areas saw as much as one to two feet of snow earlier this week, and that will lead to a rapid snowmelt with a lot of this moisture running directly into local streams and rivers, flooding will be a concern here over the coming days, especially across the upper Midwest, especially on the upper reaches of the Mississippi River. Father west, we are watching another Pacific storm moving into the Pacific Northwest bringing the chance for showers and some rumbles of thunder and places like Seattle and Portland, snow showers across a high plains of Montana with snow showers into no other North Dakota here for today. This marine clouds across the central rockies, otherwise dry across the southeastern mid Atlantic for today, some rain and snow showers across northern New England. I'm AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz. I'm John trout. Now 23 till America in the morning continues. Fox News reached a last second settlement with dominion voting systems yesterday as the case raced toward opening

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