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Is brought to you by modern fertility and the new podcast kids these days. We're happy to have them on board making this show up. We really ugly so are. Welcome to. I could talk. I'm gene. I'm Robin where your host, Lucia. A. Spa. I am a lesbian. We need to tell our stores. Not your nuclear family anymore. such as your mom badmin-. We're not learning. Hi Guys Hi Everybody Day. Six, hundred, ninety, five, thousand of. Here we are I. Know Still Pride. We're still trapped. People protesting in the streets, black lives matter trans black lives matter. We stand in solidarity, but we did just get some good news. We know week. Listen in a sea of bad news. Robin like it has just been bad news after bad news. That's why I was like we gotta talk about good news is do we do so what happened, Robin? What happened the Supreme Court? A conservative Supreme Court. I was really nervous about this. We talked about this case with Anthony in our lawyer questions at the beginning of the season, but the Supreme Court ruled that they cannot discriminate against lgbtq employees. It's amazing. I didn't think it was going to happen and I was afraid it was going to struck down. It came as a real shock. It came as a real shock to everybody so basically you cannot be fired for being for your for your sexuality Orientational. Thank you sexual orientation or gender? It was always gender, but what trump was doing? His administration was trying to say that gender did not also apply to sexual orientation, and surprisingly enough like some conservatives dissented, and not descended I guess I mean I says wrong way to say it, but some conservatives came over to our side and. said that it should be protected. I know I can look at us I guess. Everybody was shocked that it was Gorsuch who actually came over to our side and he actually even wrote the opinion. It's amazing, no crazy things just like you said just like nice to have a little bit of good news, but we're still. There's still so much happening. They're still. We still got fight, so but today today we do this. Take the win. Take the win, and then and then carry on carry. Yes, carry on, is that. I don't know he just made it up. All right well, we also want to thank some of our new folks who are joining our Patriot community. You got a special. Thank you to our newest members Hannah Fletcher, Ashley Divall and then we have an interesting one. I'm calling her emily with the hard last name to pronounce. That's a good way to do because. and asked how to pronounce it, and she was just like Oh. Don't worry about it, but I. Still Feel like you joined our community, and you're supporting us, and and we need to say that emily with hard last name to pronounce a supporting us. Thank you, emily with the hard last name to produce emily with a.

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