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And so after Tampa Tuesday disappeared I kind of got away from playing it other than you know, the two or three big winter days. Well, they kind of piggyback I guess with Gulfstream and and some of the other tracks. But last time I look Steve the average per day handle here was about four million dollars, which solid and I remember writing when you said that. Let me switch. Good. I'm gonna just put this year, and maybe pick up a little bit extra volume. Okay. But remember writing five or six years ago when Peter Brugge he'd made that decision to go to the more mainstream type of schedules. Now, they run a Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday that was kind of the sign they they were entering the big time because you do have your quote unquote off tracks the tend to run on the Mondays Tuesdays. Well, the card that they're gonna put on Saturday shapes up beautifully. And of course, now with Santa Anita postponed and with the big cap and the kill row, and you know, we haven't mentioned as yet. But I think on Sunday was going to be the Santa Isabel for the three year old Phillies. So that their fact it as well, of course, without those races where really going to be focused on on New York and on Tampa. And let's get you know in advance of the draw. Are we still looking at that same pack ten it was going? To be ten put something on Twitter yesterday from Aaron Wellman of clips Thermo partners. They are not going to run current. He would have been somewhat of an interesting question. They're trying the dirt. Again, he had a kind of a no try in the Kentucky jockey club at the end of his two year old year. But we do have a solid field of nine. It. Looks like a win win win who picks up Iran Ortiz junior. We'll be the favourite with well-defined and dream maker for Mark Cassie probably your second third choices Tacitus for Bill Motte he'd been he'd worked at least once that I know with hidden scroll in the mornings, they're at at pace got his brains beat it from what I hear and Jose Ortiz has the has the writer, both Ortiz brothers and leper ru and Bravo. And I'm leaving out somebody Florida ru are going to be here writing throughout the card on on Saturday Lewis as. Was going to ride current, but he's not going to be here. But let's pretty solid field nine that we got for the the Tampa Bay derby, which of course, is one of the points races toward the may fourth Kentucky Derby. Your conversations with Mike Trump betta and with win win bypass the Sam Davis, and that actually in my own conversations with with Trump better that pretty much was a plan from from fairly quickly after the Pasco the to to wait and work on his stamina some thoughts because he's working like a matador's every one of his races have been good now. He's stuff's up to to tougher competition and the to turn for the first time you've got a question whether or not who get the classic type distances like the derby. He is by hat trick. So I think Mike is just wanting to go ahead and get this done. See what he can do at this in this type of race and proceed from there. He's a real no Mike for thirty years. I remember him playing. I was a shortstop needed the first basement on on one of our teams are Pimlico. But. He's a little tall for shortstop. No. I was who Trump betta. No. He was I if that makes sense I could see the game..

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