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Is there Dueling loudspeakers as well as numerous signs in the air and chance marked the day Many of those who turned out here on the sidewalk in front of the court and on first street arrived early Christie Moore came from Florida I just prayed and I knew I had to make away here and come here to see and only history be made but just to truly support my love of God and his baby Doctor Julie rice is an emergency physician from Baltimore I'm out here fighting for my patients Who I worry are going to have their access to abortion care which is healthcare Taken away from them by the Supreme Court today Outside the Supreme Court John Aaron W TOP news We'll talk about today's arguments with William and Mary law professor Neil devons at two 40 An update on a the Michigan shooting next two 35 Care has the power to bring kindness where it's needed It brings out the best in every one of us It doesn't just see people It takes time to understand them It puts the needs of others ahead of its own And when you start with care you end up with a very different kind of bank Truest Truest bank member FDIC If you don't know PPC if you don't know SEO if you don't know OTT if you don't know targeted display social media management website development email marketing you don't have to All you need to know is 2060 digital We can help you with the digital marketing your business needs but maybe doesn't understand Or have time to execute 2060 digital is a Google premier partner That may not mean a lot to you but when you consider that.

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