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The day the nasdaq was up twenty three and the S. and P. also added ten points photos at fifteen hundred seventy an alto oil was at fifty three twenty a barrel big changes coming over the weekend gusty winds are possible for tomorrow morning the true warmer stays Friday and Saturday with highs or over eighty degrees Sunday temps dropping ten or more degrees clouds will build that overnight Sunday into Monday a thirty percent chance of drizzle or light rain no more than a tenth of an inch this is Chris Coleman with NBC four news right now it's fifty nine degrees in Santa Ana fifty seven in mission Viejo it's sixty degrees in Long Beach and Glendale it's sixty one we leave local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I'm Monica Rick's we six forty it is the Conway show bad news here by a man who spent is in tire live in show business was a friend of my dad's and had passed with them is Fred Silverman I think you ran I ABC for Wiley work days one of the high executives at CBS but all those shows in the seventies he was responsible for here are partially responsible for he orchestrated that nineteen seventy one which eventually you know there was mass Terry my merry Tyler Moore the Waltons Barnaby Jones co Jack Sonny and Cher hi all the family Bob Newhart show I mean because on and on and on and my dad was very good friends with this band Fred Silverman and he had that passed away at the age of eighty two we get that Petros weather's no no it's not with us are both trying to get better as well we do that will I will I play a little piece here because there's a lot of people not listening right now who either knew Fred Silverman personally or worked on a show that Fred Silverman was responsible for one of the true giants in show business for a long long time Fred Silverman passed away at the age of eighty two Fred Silverman is the only person in TV history to have headed programming for each of the big three broadcast networks Silverman died today at his home in Pacific palisades at the age of eighty two during his prolific career Silverman was credited with helping a lot some of the most successful shows and mini series of all time including all in the family the Mary Tyler Moore show Happy Days and groups that's unbelievable is born in nineteen thirty seven I nineteen thirty seven man on life I yeah that is a a super super long life and and to be responsible for all of those shows even like Scooby doo I mean it you know but these shows not only.

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