Kennesaw University, Harvard, Twenty Seven Billion Dollar discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Sexually statistically not true family businesses there's a whole science around family business you can actually get a degree in family business from kennesaw university now there are family business conferences there's whole reams of material written on family business and there's tons of data that show that family business privately held family businesses are more resilient and longer lasting than publicly traded companies outlast them there's a bunch of them on the landscape one of the most famous ones that makes about seven hundred million skittles ear mars candy and pet food owned by two sisters i think it's a twenty seven billion dollar company if i remember correctly two sisters on it i think it's fifth generation or something like that nobody talks about it but everybody just like well you can't handle if your kids because you if you handed off your kids it ruins your kids and now you ruined your kids on the businesses fault lots of businesses are handed off again i'll point back to chick fillet they're handing it off and doing a great job the case study at harvard on the true on the cathy family and how good a job they've done on their succession and transition blanding and all that kind of stuff lots of us have modeled pieces of what we're doing after them there's a lot of information that's one of those miss you can't borrow me out to borrow money you know here's another all right all millionaires all rich people inherited their money.

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