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And of course, I will be back later this evening with Howard Griffin as we break down the Bears Saints game. We're here for two hours after every bears game lady new sound off. Give you the mic instant reaction and we'll break it down as well again. 3123323776. All right, So I mentioned it is to a time in Miami should be to a time on your fantasy football roster. I would say if he's still available, and You are not ecstatic about your quarterback situation. I think he's worth an ad just to kind of see how it plays out this week. The Dolphins have the Rams. Bit more of a difficult match up, but I think look to is so talented and we've seen with Justin Herbert that it only takes, you know one week to be quickly become the darling of fantasy football players everywhere. I think two. It's worth getting in on the ground floor here just in case he goes off this week. Because if he does, there's plenty of easy match ups ahead for the Dolphins easier at least than the Ram. So if two of shows that's something you're going to want to have him on your roster and not after Compete with the riffraff of your league in the waiver wire game, So go ahead and add to it just the Raster. If you have a spot open and see what happens, it's worth. Putting a Manya Raster on being early rather than late. So let's try my man rich, who is currently in Chicago. Rich you are on ESPN 1000. What's up? Hey, I need Gerard Taylor or Beast, one of them and then I also got a three receivers. I need to a woman A Robinson, Jefferson and people of Yes. So rich, I would. Taylor hasn't been as good as we had hoped. Coming out of college. Thought he'd be a little bit more productive. I would use Boston Scott against the Cowboys. It's great matchup. And then if you need one between Robinson Jefferson and fold, um I think I would go ahead and use Justin Jefferson against the Packers. He's been really good this year. Ah, lot of big plays and Justin Jefferson's portfolio, so I'd go ahead and use Justin Jefferson this week against the Packers. Let's try Bob, who's in Mount Greenwood. He has a few actions here at his flex spot. Hey, Bob, you're on ESPN 1000. Jeff Love the show. I have a standard scoring flex position. I need one of these four. I have Jamison Crowder, Colby, Really, Joshua Kelly Orla TVs, Murray. Yes. Oh, because it's not P p r Bob. I actually going to shy away from Crowder, who's just returning from an injury and also called Beasley in PPR format. So I think those guys kind of Find their way into most lineups, and then Josh Kelly. I talked about the charges run game, Ben tough and against the Broncos in Mile high. That's a tough, tough match for them, Bob so I would go ahead and use lascivious Murray. I think the chances for him to get a goal line touchdown are pretty good this week, especially when you consider without Thomas without Emmanuel Sanders. They're going to need to probably run the bomb war than they normally do, or at least they're going to be looking. Around the ball more than they normally do. So I like the tedious Murray this week against the Bears think he had a shot at Ah goal line touchdown or to even though you know, I think tomorrow is going to be featured heavily in the passing game like he always is, But I think the TV's Murray has a chance to Ah, Do pretty well against the Bears team that he he has has performed very well against in his history. So go ahead and use the previous Murray Bob, Let's try my man Norm, who's in Bartlett, Indiana. Hey, Norm, you're on ESPN 1000. I've got two questions have point. We are even and then for my flex. I've got rugs Jerry, Judy and John Michael Hayes. So no norm. I would use Dallas Goddard over air Ebron, and then I think I'm going to say Let's go ahead and because Let's go ahead and use Henry rugs. See if he gets more involved in the offense over the other options. Theater options weren't as compelling. Didn't jump out at me like rugs did so I would go ahead and use drugs this week. Let's try more. It is time for the two minute warning, so I will quickly rush through some of these Addison. I'm just going to answer on air for years so we can get these many people's questions, and it's possible. Addison needs three in the PPR format. Ronald Jones, James Connor, Josh Jacobs or Quiet Edwards, a lair. That is a great problem to have Addison. I think you have to lock in Edward's a Lair and Jacobs and I would use Vile Jones of James Connor because that is a tough matchup against the Ravens this week. So I would use Jones Jones, Jacobson Edwards, a layer over James Connor, Dave and Downers Grove has a quarterback quandary. He's between Lamar Jackson and Jimmy G. Jimmy Garoppolo. Look I think I think we have a similar question. I talked about it earlier in the show. Look, you're going from the toughest defense to the easiest defense and I know it's Lamar. But Lamar hasn't been Great this year. So, Dave, I'm going to say I would use Jimmy Garoppolo over Lamar Jackson this week. It's just such a tough matchup against the Steelers. Nathan in Burbank wants to know he's got Brady Bro or Ryan Tannehill Mason. I would say, Go ahead and use Tom Brady on Monday night football against the New York Giants, and then finally, Dylan in Oak Park has a PPR dilemma. Should he use Clyde Edwards a lair or Brandon? Ah, yuk Dylan. I love Brando. You today Love love love him. I cannot give him out over C E. H. That is just too much. That's why I have to draw a line and say, I'm going to use the Kansas City running back who still gets the most snaps in a very, very high powered offense. All right. That's going to do it for me here on ESPN 1000 for today, But again, you can check me out on Twitter at Jeff underscore Miller. That's M e l l E R. Thanks So much to my man Eric Ostrovsky for pinch hitting for air for Tyler hockey today, Much appreciated Eric..

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