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Of a coastal Alabama city, says the storm now a tropical depression killed one person and another is missing in a town of Orange Beach. Storm came ashore early this morning close to Gulf Shores, Alabama that 30 miles from Pensacola, Florida, Florida Governor Rhonda Santis, with a warning with the flooding is going to continue to be an issue over these next many days and so people just need need to buckle up. If you're in those areas, heed the warnings of your local officials, and obviously we were going to be there to help in any way we can. 200 members of the Florida National Guard will alive tomorrow to help it dusted on curfew in place for the next three days. In Escambia County. In California, thousands of acres are still on fire. California Governor Gavin Newsom again reiterated that while forest management is an important part of lessening the severity of wildfires, climate change is key 57%. The forested land in the state of California is federal area responsibility just 3% in state areas of responsibility. The August complex, which is 817,000 Acres, is now the largest fire in state history and one of the largest in US history. Newsom says the creek fire from which more than 240 campers had to be rescued a week and a half ago, is especially complicated. The fact that the state has 160 million dead trees, mostly due to prior drought. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News Weather has Health East fires Burning in Oregon and Washington state. One of the county sheriff's deputies, who were shot in an ambush over the weekend in Compton has been released in the hospital. Sheriff Alex villain a wave as tweeted that the male deputy used name is being withheld over safety concerns. Has been released, adding he has a long road to recovery. But he's not alone, saying we as a community are in this together. The 24 year old was shot in the forehead, arm and hand Lisa Listerine From the Fox News Podcasts Network,.

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