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Announcement to make you're gonna find shocking Saturday night I'm with that guy right there Joe Nuxhall miracle field in Fairfield saying man and I I didn't play how many years did we play baseball haven't through for at least yes we played a lot believe it or not that guy is an athlete yeah I I see no I I saw a person when you what they are you know what some of pickle ball court I've seen hitting the baseball running catching I was shocked in in the race car always what they call a sleeper like you just didn't look like he be there but when you get him on the track get him on the field he goes one of our times of baseball having on set with Joe on the bench and he's the manager it was a terrible man looks all was a terrible manager but none the less segments batting is a swinging by down the third baseline inside begins his tractor first the third baseman had to be one at least twenty feet off the bag probably seventy five eighty years old but he begins his truck and get the ball in the heat is that over the top of the first base something inside Suggs going to get it we call it a day to get about ten feet short of first and falls backwards sniper got me back and I'm looking in Joe's nudge me said without a heart attack and I said all Joe this doesn't look good he's got his arms out his legs out back on the ground looking straight up dead like six feet from the base and I I go up there is it safe the ball is still in the first guy I see I look up I'm thinking I'm dead first guy look up and see up again why does god look on those number sixteen was that you okay I said yeah but I was like my late I felt my leg of this I thought it was a detached you gonna hammy all that's what he said Ron I pulled my hand and at this point then for a card all from the back that was sitting on the other feel I'm back the clowns and that clown says no we better not get we can't take it we got to get it back how would they want to see this even though I mean I've I've pulled a newer Sam strings I've seen many people pull hamstrings normally they don't go down usually kind of give a little has anyone back backwards Joan I walk out there I said he might be dead because he's not moving got to pull my hair six but that guy was a catcher for double headers squatting am I correct yes never war chest protectors got flood protection and wore a mask the sun warm bass now that you know I I never land when I asked a cop right you need to know one another so that guy's an athlete do you believe it not not not why does it always happen to me yes or no I mean you saw doesn't say just a minute what we would do in pickle ball that I am one you can argue the result I can say the the looks of this and that all day long but factor matters he beat us war war one better Stanley it was a competitive one like fifteen twelve like fifteen three correct and stay at eighty five year old and say whipped up on you and me like it was not the right hand of much of a partner we would've had a better chance well the white kid Chriss texted instead is a group of gypsies selling segmentation it's an Arby's giving any now I know nothing about this segmentation that's what kid Chris says an Arby's parking lot is that's possible I don't think so rocky what about your bangles we have acquired by the gate go to guy what does not start off well not riven Tyler dragon on at when roads actually when you were trying to track him down he was at the field in Dayton on Saturday and he was one interviewing taller boy do I made it comments about the field I don't know I I don't know if that was a major factor of was or not if there is an Arby's across the street keep talking rock so here's my question say here's the one thing I have a little bit of an issue with yeah that is John Ross not being available for the first day of camp because of a hamstring tightness right now at this stage of the game he should know his the quirks of his body every player has something writers say they there for hamstrings or get tired of their hits lectures poor they get sore kos I for instance got EM hip flexors always one on me so you do extra rehab you do stretches you things like that to maintain just part of being a pro how does he not ready for the first day I pulled my growing all the time I don't I mean a judge I just in just mad because it's not amend this opportunity and greens not there new life new regime changes number like everything's new except for the fact that he's still on filter Johnny Williams can't play AJ grains gone John Ross can't play do the bangles get the hell over wire out baby anthrax infused jerseys to keep them infected so that they cannot I think they need bubble wrap the day with the the communications you have you can talk to people anytime anywhere how about that there we go don't have to use our telegraph and a more secular but a lot Bob betting houses waiting from the stadium remember him yeah Betsy is wives inviting me over for flank steak I'm taking you is the tester I thank Beth some of the great man terminal C. if you fall with the mouth well yeah the issued orders a probe service over local temp star heating and air conditioning dealers ten star quality you could feel it said to that a call Sheldon brown and brown heating at three eight five seventy seven sixty five saying is added in sports yeah that's tonight well the but AJ green rolls into the locker room today on a scooter roles in in a boot roles Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams have been awarded the first wild cards I'll watch for the upcoming John Barrett western and southern open next month and and beautiful Mason I used to date both of them rocky thank you very much thank you thank man give me out of the stooge report we have bought betting else coming up from PBS and I don't mean the broadcasting John either well the in honor of a hot beautiful Monday and the Redlegs plan tonight hopefully they win again yep we leave you with the immortal words of this report I get the feeling that Rosie o'donnell when you walk into the bathroom after her it smells the same as when no juices and bill Cunningham seven hundred W. all.

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