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Down to the defense kentucky allowing 57 rushing yards per day compared to 228 last year they held ito samantha nate held rico battling check i right third down deep during this ballgame hoping opposing offenses thirty percent on third down khor version looking florida's offense eighty nine rushing yards per game i don't have a rushing touchdown in the last eight games dating back to two thousand sixteen the way you have to be kentucky's over the top that giving up two hundred eighty nine passing yards per game philippe ranked as trump parenting touchdowns on the year one of under one of them to hail mary if this streak is gonna end it's going to be this coming weekend in lexington on calling for the object thirty one 24 kentucky over florida yom with do there i'm gonna go with the upset as well jordan jones going to miss solid linebacker for kentucky but they're still solid on defense in this will be the most anticipated football game and kentucky in a long time knew what they do about the basketball team i mean they're they're hours early this atmosphere to more or like joe said as kentucky's ever gonna break that streak it will be tomorrow in lexington quite central florida from the guy can action after the rout of fiu and then tonight weeks off on the kinsey milton ones at offense hamilton killings part of the backfield and then us nelson and smith the pretty good receiving corps maryland now there of course are going to breaking case seville with a d one team they played ses team after beating texas in the opener and that wind looks a lot better tied johnson other back has been saw two 56 three touchdowns and then dg warranty von jacob scary solid so far four receiving touchdowns over three hundred fifty yards between the two of them uh joe this is an interesting game here i again to central florida like you know florida state as a couple of weeks of neurons going to.

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