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Right now whenever we call in here four one five eight nine six KNBR eight nine six one five eight nine six can be are okay this is to plant seeds and a parking pass so in a parking pass all units it's in like are we have these great source supporter section settled the one thing is you gotta get down to stay in by ten AM because you got all these chance all the stuff that goes on within the section there led by these local support fan groups they're fantastic so it really adds to the atmosphere inside the building so just get here by ten AM get your tickets and I will put you right in the US borders we were given a list you can't just get these tickets and think that you're going to be you know not working for your living here arrive by ten A. M. you got to learn the official supporters chance and stay until the conclusion of the game but that of course I think would be a given right yeah leaving early I just insulted everybody by even mentioning that so yeah so this is a kind of a European soccer thing or something now yeah you know what this year we did we did a couple new things and then the stadium ever is if players names he introduced all of our fans chant last name is though you guys talk about a little bit on the tradition side I mean we have so many traditions are the forty Niners may I think about what we're doing literally this morning around painting are and on to read right we talked a lot about me off even with the saloon Fonz yeah down back to the past in the history and and it was funny I got Dave on Marty asked me that what you can do either and I said well you know it's really just for ploughs we don't pain and read some clouds gonna bring love it background and the team are out there and so we try to mix in obviously the history and tradition the passion around you know that and say full then right along with a lot of the the new concepts around sort of faithful now and and I like to think about their voice able to the bay faithful to forty Niners and so there's a lot of different traditions but when you look down at that field on Saturday afternoon I hope it brings back a lot of war memories for it makes a difference man it really does is seriously does that's awesome I can't way well let's very generous of you al the hand that out again is the goal my support section gotta get down there by ten who wouldn't anyway it's going to be awesome man and I don't know any final a final five sell about that means Jimmy Jeez first playoff game you know or is it just it's it's there's it's a thrilling sort of seen being set no I'm not I'm excited I just want to thank all of our partners I mean you know just this week you mean yeah San Francisco's lighten up city hall both airports in San Jose and San Francisco airport to be lit up you know what can be are did for us during the holiday auction package generate a hundred twenty five thousand dollars for charity which is our highest ever I mean just the the energy right the support that that myself my staff our players are front office of all gotten from our fans I mean by that follows my social media account which isn't too many yeah I was up in Seattle and went to a local establishment a bar on Saturday where they were they were taken somewhat and see that because of the Seattle faithful who packed that place and they were doing all these chant I mean it's just been a really fun and special year and hopefully we can keep it going but bring the noise bring the energy this is what our guys fought for all year long get home field advantage throughout and we really anticipated expect our crowd to make a big difference in this football game can be awesome now can't wait thanks for the making our listeners happy very cool I'll say on Saturday thanks out I would like you to share his al grido look at Loomis mo into the city now that kind of perc this whole place up will be the winner okay he's he's get needs now is is it might be now you say you say in your color one your call to the world through these try again yeah it was rough us some people upset a lot of people call the wrong phone numbers we don't listen to the details to dad see that's the thing I took at least twenty five calls on the wrong phone line to say you've called the wrong number I'm like that too I can learn to listen to details before act I just jump without thinking was the ideas no summer of no safer divisional round showdown gonna call the right phone number each day this week to qualify as a one five eight nine six after I answer Elsa turns into an SCO shout out to Jorge Ramirez some San Ramon who did not participate in the S. show he called in which details yeah.

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