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Right. Like, you know, I celebrated my seventh birthday McDonald's in the Philippines. I thought America was like Baywatch and Mike Michael Jackson, Whitney, she the last memory had in the Philippines, was Oprah Winfrey. Interviewing Michael Jackson at the ranch. That's america. So we yes. So I saw that. I didn't know what what what that was. I I couldn't even tell you what the hell they were talking about. So they landed at Los Angeles International airport, and I thought I was in the wrong country because I didn't see Oprah and Michael Jackson and Baywatch. You know, like I saw people who look like me, and I saw people who work, quote, unquote, Latinos or Mexicans. I didn't know what that was. So from the. The beginning. It was already confusing, and this was in one thousand nine hundred three when I got here and four years after that to my friend said I I should get a driver's permit, which I didn't know what that was. But every sixteen year old needed to drive so into the and I showed the woman my green card, and my high school ID, which is proof of identification. And the woman at the DMV said that the green card was fake. And that I shouldn't come back. That's so that's how I found out. Although a say in the book, I thought she was lying. The woman she said that the paper was that the green card is fake, I instantly assume she was lying, and I thought maybe she thought I was Mexican because whenever this issue comes up. It was always about Mexican. That's what the news media said does the newspaper said, so I thought she was lying, and then I went home, and my grandfather was security guard. So you always was willing during today was worked the graveyard shift. So he confirmed that it was that it is fake. And basically, that's when my life kind of was turned upside down, and I started understanding the lies that they had to tell just to get me here. And that's why the book is structured, right? The book is structured lying passing hiding. It's been the arc of my life in America for the past twenty five years..

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