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Who well we've got the the current that warms us up and across the atlantic so that size warm and then we've got the north sea coming down said the average around the whole coast at the k in summer into summer temperatures only thales site minus forty whenever i guess humane and and we got gauging king and maybe going to hurry the team there are 12 twelve throw twelve no bad actually you're going to have to have a because they are she fifteen to twenty degrees is the average are you a little bit low it's a is a bit warmer than you had anticipated as a statistician i must object to given a point tom second argument into next time i'll try i'll try harder next time right okay back to team to where we go from went to dry now where do you think you to the dryest place is on earth dryest place on earth i think it may be some parts of drawing rock in antarctica we can go at that best as the gas but i think with some very very dry bits of antarctica aca i am at is a little bit of a guess i i mean i was thinking i don't know why for some reason may be i just loved it there but i was gonna say someplace and morocco but we can go of antarctica i like your answer vetter chris can only be untouchable yes uh go to point a myth so mcmurdo drawing hobbies in antarctica has seen any ring for over fourteen million years this area surrounded by trim highmountain sleep lucky from the flow of ice so you have 14th to is in the lead at the moment so banks to team won and that means eat the best you can do is hope to save you'll reputation so try this one then so speaking of lack of rainfall how much of the earth is covered in desserts do you think sara and simon.

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