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Have on the air with us. John Gibson who is the Lubbock county Democratic Party chairman people take offense to. Democrats being called democratic they to say, the Lubbock county democrat party talked to us about parlance there. I have no idea where that comes from people. Tell me that Rush Limbaugh is the one that started that I'm old enough. I remember the world before Rush Limbaugh. And and back whenever I was in college, the professors would complain about that sort of thing. I don't I really complain that it should be called democratic or democrat both. Okay. Because unlike what a lot of Republicans believe when you go to college, and you're in the political science department. They aren't all raving liberals, you've got conservatives in the political science departments to and I would have conservative professors that would insist that you call it democrat, and I'd have liberal professors, call it democratic you insist on just whatever comes out of my mouth grad democratic I get some of my some people will will correct me at times because I happen to make the mistake of saying. Democrat at times, but democratic Democratic Party. I I don't say democrat party at that sounds kind of silly. I would say Democratic Party. I mean, but it's it's semantic quibbles. I don't I don't get caught up in those kinds of games. Yeah. Okay. So I tried to get you caught up in that game. But you stiff arm there, John Gibson. But you are an attorney sure. Yep. Okay. What do you practice worker's comp? Okay. So guys mostly guys getting injured out in the oilfield. I've got an office. No Desa, and I spent a lot of time out. No Desa, but I love Lubbock. And this is where we raised our family, and this is where I wanna live. But yeah, the injuries the work is out in out in the oilfield. So so, but also you run out of DFW as well from time to time. Yeah, I've got an office in Fort Worth too. So okay. That to say, we don't have just some schlumpy sittin here. You know, it's not like it's not like there's a guy who just ran for Democratic Party chair who doesn't really do anything. I mean, you're an accomplish your accomplished within your profession. I'm. I'm blessed to have good clients that have given me some good cases and had some good success with that. So what's the way forward? John. Are we going to see the Democratic Party because you know, I say this all time we rave on in the program in always say, I'm non adherent. I'm not a devout adherent, I vote Republican, but I'm not a devout adherent to either party. And I think a lot of people listening program. I'm thirty nine people who are younger than me who if we go through and we look at the demographics and who's listening to the podcast. I think it'll show that the not devout adherents either in. I think a lot of people are wondering what this Lubbock county Republican party do. Now, we can critique Beto all day long. But in day moss by less than three points. Does the Lubbock county Democratic Party look that is cute run further to the left. Or run more to the middle. You know, I don't know with respect to the state party. I can tell you that here locally. I think that one of the reasons why I got elected was because I am more of a moderate. And I think that we were elected win. I think June. I think okay. So this is before all the November hullabaloo area. Yeah. But anyway, yeah. Here. Locally the problem that we have is. We've got thirty percent versus seventy percents. I mean, that's just the fact and we can slowly over time road that thirty percent or erode the seventy percent and gain numbers off the thirty percent. But what the Democratic Party here is primarily right now as a watchdog for the Republicans. And so yeah, I want to see my Republican legislators do well because I live in this community. And I like you I'm somebody who believes in the politics of place, and I want my Republican legislators to have success for the south plains. You know, Bob Duncan. I know Bob Duncan. He's a he's a good guy thought he did a really really good job state Senator is pointed at his campaign side. Yeah, you've got you've gotta sign here. There were times when I disagreed with what Senator Dunkin might have have, you know, legislated. However, I appreciated the fact that he was a statesman..

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