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Potentially so the hospital gets paid more money than they are being labeled as Cova death many times without any cove in nineteen tests been done even the test many of them resulting in false positives and it's not actually testing for the virus testing for a reaction to the vice which can be triggered by other things been exaggerated. Were hearing more and more of this. He goes on to say quote. We had one lady who could do the testing it. I saw one person in his hospital. Those tests went to the CDC only one person was qualified to test for the whole place. Several of the patients under investigations were never tested and if they died and they died of covert and not stage. Four cancer all these other things so think of family diseases there are in the world. How different types of cancers lung disease lung problems brought on by smoking or any other kind of disease? Any other kind of cancer or pancreatitis or anything with almost different organs. Imagine any of those that could cause respiratory issues now basically. They're saying if the in this case with this hospital. Anybody that comes with problems. Covert stamped. Kovin Cova Coleman Stove without a test without testing langone to die. Guess what Cova death unbelievable we know this has been going on. But it's no longer theories Nolan. Conspiracy theory is fact with hearing it firsthand from a brave people like this threat. She's stepping out. Even though they've been banned I've managed to get hold of these videos on signed Putin at directly over unplanned DEMOC DOT TV. So you can see it firsthand. At feel south he goes on to say quote you have to recognize the if every patient is under covert investigation and dies then that goes into a Cova death and they're showing the numbers like a football game to scare you that showing loading bodies into a tractor trailer to schedule. You. I've never in my career. Seen this bodies loaded into a trail. I've never seen it. All of this stuff is fake. He then goes on to talk about The testing of this and the the testing procedures quote. They're not testing for a virus. They're testing for a reaction to the virus. There's not one test that test for the virus they put in a PCR test which amplifies it back can come from cancer radiation of several things. They're not testing for the virus itself. Wow so again. This is hidden by mainstream media. It's not been spoken about article. V In nineteen deficit covered nineteen nineteen test. I covered nine hundred deaths. Many of them are not been tested. Many of them is. It's been even if it's been tested. It could be a false positive. Even if it's an accurate test is not test for the virus even if it's a test for the virus it's not the underlying cause of death is not the actual cause of death. It just happens. I were tested positive for basically trying to use anything here to overload these numbers and made them crazier and crazier and crazier scary and scary. So every time people turn the meteor on the news on this on my goal this time. We're going to stay at home cook. She is bullshit every day. I'm seeing more and more of this and my eyes are open wide. Is this more and more doctors stepping out and speaking the truth about this. It's it's disgusting running out of words for getting pissed off now and he goes on to say quote if it was as infectious as they're saying it is all these and then he points to the ten unused on convinced lights is behind him in his spill. All of these would be being used and everybody would be dying but when not seeing that every bit of this has been created. He goes on to say quote. Does this warrant closing everything down locking the country? I don't think does not even close. You will need to be asking some really hard questions here and questioning your government. Yes we do hear hear. The truth will out people every day. I'm going to be adding more videos. More and more proof that I can find from a frontline workers medical professionals doctors and scientists over to a plan DEMOC DOT TV and videos. Been quoting from today. I'll ask those. You'll go and get those five soon over at plan dynamic DOT TV. Go there bright now. That is it for this episode. I will speak to very very soon. You've been listening to the Michael. Chaney show create your own wealth and protected against taxation turmoil and tyranny over at Michael Chamie DOT com..

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